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This post is all about the Grind Spots located in the exciting city London. I really love those coffeeshops because every single one is just so special. One thing which all the Grind coffeeshops have in common and I consider as something special is the gorgeous interior design. All stores focus on an industrial style – a wee bit modern, a wee bit traditional. When you´re about entering one particular café you will notice the red letters on the wall out of bricks. Every spot features a different quotation. For instance”Love is the Drug. “Recording Studio Bathroom. “French Lessons Downstairs, to name a few. They are shining and simply look gorgeous.

As well as this, they feature many tiny decor details – like cute chairs, brick walls, modern lights, vases and stuff like that. The Holborn Grind, for instance, also features an enormous bespoke system of shelves. I felt really stunned while entering one of those café for the first time. It is not so easy to describe the feeling I had though – it was just a super lovely moment ´cause the colors, the interior, the coffee smell hehe and the music matched perfectly together.

Well, in case you already feel curious about the locations, please enjoy the pictures below. And a short personal review to three of the Grind spots follows after the visual impressions of course 🙂


Let´s start with Soho Grind. It is located in the Soho district of London, obviously. In fact it looks a little like a music label store from the outside as it is next to Kingly Court which means there are loads of hip stores, bars and loads of restaurants and British pubs. A pretty busy area, especially during after work hours until midnight. So keep an eye open while walking along Beak Street in order to not miss this spot. I had a lovely flat white. I am not joking but it is really hard to get a good flat white which contains a pleasant amount of coffee and milk. Thumbs up!

FullSizeRender[8]Another  one which I almost love the most is the lovely Holborn Grind. You can literally feel the coffee vibes there. It is the perfect spot when you just need a rest during the day (busy working, busy studying whatever) – indeed for students it is ideal ´cause it offers free Wifi, it is near to university as well and the stuff is really friendly and young too. They provide you detox lemon or cucumber water for free and the music is absolutely incredible. Not too loud (okay sometimes it is a bit wee loud, but no worries, you can still concentrate and focus on your stuff), not mainstream at all. For all those music friends out there, this playlist is definitely worth listening. Honestly I am not sure who is responsible for those coffee tunes but I guess someday I can tell you. My next Holborn Grind visit might be very very soon.

On my very last day during my summer stay in London I finally got chance to visit the London Grind located directly next to Tower Bridge. In fact I did not order coffee there (shame on me) just breakfast and a big glass of water because we had about 30 degrees outside and after my long walk by foot I was craving for water. Btw, I can recommend you the smashed avocado toast as well as the coconut porridge which contains chia seeds. I enjoyed these two dishes very much. The London Grind is really close to the stations Monument, Borough and Southwark – that is probably the reason why I noticed quite a lot of business people there. Some in suits, some busy working and even some on job interviews.FullSizeRender[4]FullSizeRender[3]

So, if you ever have chance, you should visit one of those Grind spots. I promise every single one of them is worth visiting. For more insight scoop, you might wanna check out their page.





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