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One small cappuccino to take away, please! – This is probably one of the top 5 sentences I happily use everyday. A lovely cup of cappuccino is kind of my favorite type of afternoon coffee. In fact that slightly changed during my summer stay in the UK. I do not know why – maybe it´s because the british people really have more passion when it comes to tea – unless I discovered one flavour I really enjoy drinking on the british island. Put your cups up for a flat white! True, that is the kind of coffee I was enjoying nearly on a daily basis this summer. I have to say, I am pretty amazed how some baristas got the hang of creating such beautiful latte arts. Someday I really need to learn that too!! 😀


The coffee spot which I´d like to show you today is called Jika Jika. It is next to Euston Square station which is about 5 minutes away from the UCL (University College London). So it is more or less in the north of London and as the area is full of students and young employees, Jika Jika even offers extra prices for students. You can get a really good latte for like 90 pence less than the normal price which is pretty cool, at least you can save something while you are spending loads of coins a day ´cause of your caffeine addiction.

I do like the interior as well. The walls are turquoise and feature many old pictures and drawings and on some spaces you can even spot pretty suitable coffee quotes. Although this spot is pretty busy, especially in the morning before 9am, I´ve never had to wait long to get a cup of coffee. The stuff is really friendly, you can see their passion for running such a café in their eyes. I like to support such places.

As well, this coffeeshop offers some really delicious looking pastries. They might go well with coffee too 😉




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