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My dears, today I thought taking one step further when it comes to spot exploring. This time I am going to introduce you a german café – it´s called Milchhalle. This one is located in the capital of Germany, a coffeeshop in Berlin in which you can definitely feel the vibes of this city. As a matter of fact, Berlin has transformed into one of the most hippest cities recently. When it comes to fashion, interior design or vegan food – this german city is one step ahead with no doubt. Well, let´s talk about the coffee side of this capital now. For your interest, I will publish lots of more coffee content from the lovely british island soon again of course – trust me, there are loads on my list which you´ll definitely will love – but this post is dedicated to a german spot. 🙂


As I just said, the coffeeshop is called Milchhalle. First of all, I really love the name they´ve chosen. It is minimalistic though but hipp and creative at the same time. Milchhalle means like milk hall, literally. When it comes to order decisions it might get a bit difficult, I mean it looks all so delicious, no matter if you are craving for caffeine or not, you might should order two items in the end! There´s coffee, juices, cakes, sandwiches and even wine. In fact on Fridays they open until 10 pm from now on – which is kind of unusual for a coffeeshop – but as you might notice in my words, it is a little more than that. A good place during and to finish off with your day.

You may decide whether you sit inside on a comfortable sofa or outside next to a tiny park with a playground which is great when you come with kids. The area itself where this café is located is pretty quiet. You can relax, take some time off and have a good chat with your friends. Oh yes and from the inside the café is just SO instagramable. There is this cute lightbox on the shelves, fresh flowers on the big table in the center which is the ideal place to do some uni stuff or prepare aka even to hold some business meetings or things like that. There are good shopping spots and many galleries round Milchhalle, so a coffee to go is also an option, a good one to be honest. Everybody loves exploring with a cup of coffee in their hand, right?  And they do some great latte art as well. 🙂

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One thing which I also appreciate about coffeeshops in general, is the option of warm or iced. It´s nice to choose your beverage ´cause of current weather conditions and or your personal mood. In Milchhalle you can have all beverages with soya, almond or lactose-free milk. So everyone including those with lactose intolerance or vegans may enjoy their coffee there. I had a flat white, what else 😉

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