Hidden behind a little dock – White Mulberries

Ohh it´s so cold outside already!! A good excuse to go shopping and get the newest and most trendy autumn stuff, right? I already bought some boots, a warm sweater and a huge scarf! And one more thing which we should not miss during cold periods is … hold on, the hangout sessions in a café of your choice. Come on, what´s better than spotting some people while sitting on a cosy chair with a cup of hot tea or coffee in your hand chatting with your loved ones in a coffeeshop? Just add a bit snow to the outside and I am all in.

In case you are absolutely in the autumn vibe already, you should definitely spend your afternoon at the cutest café near Tower Bridge. Even if you are not and more the person who is still feeling the summer breeze you should also visit the lovely café called White Mulberries.

The first time I went to this spot I really felt like being in the Netherlands. I am not joking but the area could be a hidden place in Amsterdam as well. There is this long wood path next to a little Harbour – many restaurants, cafés, a few shops and even a very traditional countryside looking hotel. The place is called St. Katharine Docks and it´s one of those secret spots in my point of view. Honestly, it is just beautiful and you would not even expect such place like this when you´re standing on the Tower Bridge which is about five minutes away. So get curious and walk a litte straight forward. Behind this big hotel complex next to the Tower Bridge there is this cute little harbour which promises you the very best time.

FullSizeRender[2]FullSizeRender[3]I went there only two times ´cause I lived quite far away from the south east side when I used to stay in London during summer. The very first time I visited this spot was with some of my best girls. It was a rainy day in July and we were all craving for a nice hot drink. Some of the pictures on this post were taken the other day I went to White Mulberries. Obviously the sun was shining that time – it was just a gorgeous day! 🙂 Back to the girls afternoon in July. Everyone of us ordered something different – come on, we had to take the change of trying all the lovely hot beverages!! Flat White, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate, Matcha Latte and Iced Latte (yes and one chose a cold one as you may see). Sorry for not remembering which coffee beans they actually use, but I guess they use more intense ones. Very kind people work there. It is pretty small though and there are not a lot of options to actually sit, but when you arrive at a good time slot, you can grab some chairs at the window. From there you´ll have the best view at the dock and during hotter days there are also some benches outside for you to sit. At White Mulberries self service is required but no worries, it won´t take too long to wait and you hardly have to move when picking up your food and drinks. They do have good pastry, also porridge and some salads and juices as well. For more detailed information about food and stuff, you may visit their homepage – they also do great instagram pictures btw. So if you are strolling around the Tower Bridge area someday you can skip the touristy coffee vans there and visit this lovely calm coffeespot.


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