Special coffee gem near the lake area – Austria

This place really enchanted me. The Kaffeesiederei Immervoll is located in the small village Bad Ischl which is in Upper Austria. Just a short drive away there are the one and only beautiful lakes from Austria – a really calm area for a coffeeshop. It is kind of rare that I manage to visit the lake area often but everytime I see those gorgeous ones next to the mountains it feels good to be back.


A tiny little detail worth mentioning is that Bad Ischl used to be the place for vacation for the former emperor Franz and his wife Sissi from Austria – but that´s way too long ago and I do not want to make a sort of history session – actually I don´t really care about that hardcore history stuff.  Hence it is a bit touristy there but not in a bad way. At least the small streets where you´ll find the coffeespot are not crowded at all.

Anyways, the Kaffeesiederei Immervoll is a fancy café for pretty everyone – especially for the student generation it is a good place to hang out, study, meet some new people or enjoy some treats. My family and I also could not resist, so we ordered a slice of plum and cheese cake 🙂

The interior is really cool. In some ways it reminds me a little to the german capital – just so fancy. I really appreciate the lights they use. A good combination of modern but cosy in general. The people of the Kaffeesiederei Immervoll roast their own coffee. They mainly use arabica and canephora coffee. You may find more about that certain topic here (in that case it is only in german).


There´s plenty of space to sit – you are feeling real cityvibes in a comfortable atmosphere. When it comes to ordering breakfast you´ll definitely have to giggle – just a cute and funny description of the particular breakfast variations they offer! A part of the creative worded menu is listed in a picture below. The stuff is super friendly and motivated. I think you can even book classes to gain some barista and latte art knowledge. Someday I´ll definitely wanna be able to create such stunning latte art as well!

In the end my dear mum bought me one of those lovely light blue cups – they are perfect for cappuccino, caffe latte or even a hot chocolate or a good chai. A really cute innocent cup 😉


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