Vienna Vibes – Hanging out at Coffee Pirates

Cravings for Viennese coffee? Keep reading is absolutely right then. I am more than happy to introduce you one of the most highly recommended coffeespots in lovely Vienna – also known as the city where the best coffee is served, no kidding.

Coffee Pirates recently got rated as the coffeeplace #1 in Vienna by the famous Falstaff Group. You should check out their coffeeguide by the way, it´s worth reading it because they sum up nearly every place where you can grab some caffeine.

Back to #1, back to Coffee Pirates 🙂 I sooo love this spot! Actually I´ve never seen a place where so many students usually hang out, do their stuff and are part of a café-community. Especially when you´re taking classes at the main university of Vienna, you may come there quite often because its campus is more or less on the opposite of the Coffee Pirates. From the inside the coffeeshop just looks so cosy. There is lots of space! Many different chairs and little sofas, big tables and magazines for free to grab and the decor is also very ‘cafélish’ (let´s pretend this world would exist). Additionally they pay attention to the tunes too – the music you might hear in the background is pretty appropriate for a coffeeshop, calm but hip and good to focus on your stuff as well. One thing, which I recently noticed and consider as something funny: the café has like four different entrances. Never mind which street you are crossing, they wanna make sure you stop by and find your way in. Nice thing.

Once you entered, you´ll capture the smell of coffee beans and the smile of the lovely baristas. Aaand let´s quickly appreciate this coffee machine!! Isn´t it gorgeous? I could fall for it a thousand times.


This cup is truly tempting, I know 🙂 How perfect. It´s a double cappuccino (a large one FYI) which represents latte art at its best! Every time I visit Coffee Pirates, I order the same. Sometimes a flat white comes to my mind, but most of the time I fell for a cappuccino. What I do appreciate every time while I am waiting in the queue to order, is the passion of the baristas while preparing the cups. Either if it´s coffee, hot chocolate or chai latte, they always take their time and the end cup looks stunning! I have seen so many different latte art creations there already. My favourite might be the swan.

Everyday different cakes, cupcakes and sandwiches are served. It never gets boring and so, you can be a little spontaneous and choose a pastry which suits best to your mood. I mean, look at the picture below with the apple pie slices – I hope they serve them too the next time you get there 🙂

Coffee Pirates, I´ll give you 5 out of 5 ! Keep going, you are a decent coffee heaven.




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