High End Coffee – The Refinery

Happy Saturday to all of you! I am relaxing on the sofa right now and guess what I see, when I take a look out of the window ? Four letters, white colour – snow. It is actually snowing right now. I mean, how cool is that? Sadly it is super grey outside and pretty muddy as well…but who cares, we have snow and that is all that counts.

It feels like I haven´t written a post up here quite a while. Therefore I´d like to share my thoughts about a german coffeespot with you today. As I had the chance to visit Berlin a few days ago, I thought about sharing some detailed shots of the Refinery which is located near the well known Friedrichstraße in Berlin. Actually the Refinery considers itself as a place which serves high end coffee. A true fact though.


The thing I probably like the most at this coffee gem is this awesome coffee shelf. There´s loads of coffee filter machines, brew stuff and whatever you might need when preparing coffee beverages. Furthermore I appreciate the lights of course. I´ve completely fallen for such light bulbs the past few months. They put every inside place onto a higher level and just look adorable. In general, the Refinery focuses on tiny little decor details. Either there are some vases on the walls, wooden boards for glasses at the very back or lovely flowers on the desks. Also you may find some papers and the very famous coffee focused Standart magazine to grab.

I enjoyed an amazing cappuccino and my great company a flat white each. FYI – if you are living a vegan lifestyle or not tolerating lactose and stuff, they make it up to you with almond, soya or lactose free milk. Nice 🙂


Just in case you are wondering what we had on our plates there, on the left you see a delicious chocolate brownie with almonds and a carrot cake on the right. I can recommend both!

Especially on a rainy day, when you are strolling around the streets of Berlin and you might wanna warm yourself up, the Refinery is definitely worth to visit. A pretty cosy place, lovely people and a nice calm atmosphere. I also need to mention that we went there at around 4 o´clock on a Tuesday. It was already dark outside which is sad ´cause you get tired more easily during the day…but I heard that coffee has the power to solve such feelings, am I right?


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