Porridge Perfection – small but gold

Seriously, I have never ever had such a good porridge breakfast outside. Flawless. Delicious. Charming. Okay, you may have noticed how much I´ve fallen for their served breakfast bowls after the headline already 🙂

This post is about the Haferkater spot which you´ll find in Germany. Haferkater – the name itself is the first thing which makes you curious and dearly wants you to visit this spot. Actually in German language we use the word “Kater” to describe the feeling after a hangover or something. So, perfect hangover meals? Sure, why not.

Haferkater has its home in the east of Berlin. A little (and I really mean this word literally) spot where you can hang out and enjoy coffee, salad and porridge. They use water for their porridge consistence, so in any case you suffer from an intolerance, do not hesitate to try the porridge, it should be fine. More than fine. I can recommend you the porridge called “Bärenkater” which contains berries (obviously) – like mulberries, cranberries and also banana, chia seeds and a bit of cinnamon if I remember correctly.

Haferkater is a place where the phrase ´small but gold´ definitely fulfils its meaning. Flowers on nearly every piece of furniture, a lot of light due to the relatively big windows and coffee & porridge smell.


At that point I have to admit that the Haferkater got me more with their amazing porridge cups than their coffee cups. Please don´t blame me for covering this post space up for fancy food instead of beverages – but I guess, a little treat tip once in a while is not that bad for you anyways. Hopefully, correct me if I am wrong. 🙂

I personally think that you deserve to see and read about the things which make my selected spots unique and if those things differ, only in a little but certain way sometimes, that is one more reason then, to share it with you. As well as the spot deserves to be seen how it really is and what makes it special and charming. Again, personal reviews require honest personal thinkings.


Berlin is different than most german cities, isn´t it? And so is the building for example where the Haferkater is located. It´s like a container out of wood but really comfortable and even house alike from the inside. Minimalistic furniture, lovely decor and a coffee machine to die for. The espresso as well as the Flatwhite and the Macchiato rock. In terms of extreme coldness, they put a little old heater next to the tables.

FullSizeRender[3]FullSizeRender[5]FullSizeRender[6]FullSizeRender[1]How did I find this hidden place? When you see it from the outside you would not even think of having breakfast there the next day but if you look a little closer and even go inside, you might come back soon. My sister showed it to me actually and every once in a while when we meet up in Berlin, we manage to go to Haferkater. I am the kind of person who tends to order the same quite often. Once I know my selected order was so good the previous times, I´d love to hold on to that. Maybe next time I will be a little more risky and order porridge number two on the menu instead of my beloved berries porridge number seven. I do think it was seven . 🙂

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