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My dears 🙂 Everyone who knows me quite well would say, it was just a matter of time dedicating a post to the one and only coffeeshop which makes it to my top three list of my beloved coffeespots in Vienna. Since forever, or so. During my Bachelor Studies at the university of Vienna I really went there every single day. Indeed, I am not joking. I have left there soo much money over the past three years, but yeah it is was it is. It was and still is so worth it, folks!

Kaffeeküche = coffee kitchen. I lost my coffee heart there the first time I ordered a latte. The cups are white, the logo as well and the coffeeshop is black from the outside with this huge window and the huge coffee machine you can admire while waiting. Actually waiting is the key word here. The Kafffeeküche only appears a very little amount of times during the day with no queue in front of it. A few paragraphs later on, I´ll tell you some secret time slots during which you may avoid queuing.

But first things first: now to the Coffee. As I told you in my previous blogpost, I am the kind of person who tends to order the same quite often. Now I need to say, for a year I ordered a milk coffee and from there until now, two and half years basically, I am ordering a double melange. Both are the finest, it just depends how much caffeine you want to have. A double melange is like the exact same thing as a stronger cappuccino and the milk coffee is more or less two thirds of milk and one third of actual coffee. At the Kaffeeküche you always have got the option of “einfach” (single) and “doppelt” (double) – pretty easy, either you go with the small cup or the big one. Just for the espresso there is an unique cup though.


In general the Kaffeeküche is more common for take away beverages. Surely there´s some space to sit and read – they do offer free papers and magazines I recently noticed – but it´s mainly popular for the take away option. Actually I belong to the take away coffee customers, at least so far. In the near future I do wanna sit on the wooden barista bench and enjoy my coffee literally in the coffee kitchen. In facht I like spotting people while drinking coffee. That kind of inspires me, feels relaxing sometimes and simply is fun – coffee with good company is even more better. I do prefer my last thought more 🙂

You find the one and only coffee kitchen just about 1 minute away from the main university of Vienna and maybe 7 minutes away from the Law School. It´s at the so called Schottentor. The perfect spot for your daily dose of coffee. Like when you are waiting for the tram, the bus, the tube (okay is is located on the main level near the tube station and luckily other public transport options are also there). Wait, my list goes on – your daily dose of coffee before uni lectures, meetings, boredom moments, quick chats with friends, interviews, appointments and and and. Take your time though because there are usually three hours during the day when you do not have to wait. Do not take me by word though, maybe that changes and I cannot guarantee, but yeah I do notice many many many people there every time I pass this place. But that´s a good sign and heaven for the coffeeshop owner. So, thumbs up! Back to the ordering slots: I managed to figure them out quite well over the past years. As it feels right to share my secret knowledge concerning waiting and avoiding waiting, I´d like to give you a tip when it´s the best time slot to go there. Not 7.45 – not 12.45 or 14.45 and not 16.15. Try to make it shortly after 7 am, close to 9 am, maybe 2 pm and later on around 7.30 pm. The last slot is not really coffee time which brings me to my next point. Try the lovely snacks and juices as well, they are fresh all day long and you do not want to miss the “hot white schocki” (hot white chocolate) and the chai latte. The names for the beverages drawn with white chalk on their coffee menu boards are quite creative, you will notice them while waiting in the queue! 🙂


The Kaffeeküche is pretty much ´student mode´ oriented. That means: they open quite early at 7 am and close at 8 pm during the week. So in any case you have classes super early or relatively late, your coffee is saved. Unfortunately no opening on a Sunday or during summer holidays in August and Christmas. That may change during festive days and so on, so better check their site first if you wanna avoid standing in front of closed doors aka the big window.

Why do I love this place so much? Simply, because the coffee tastes like gold. In that case it isn´t really the inside of a coffeeshop accompanied with delicious caffeine beverages, it is the opposite. It is the coffee itself which captured me. And I cannot deny it, it truly is the best coffee in Vienna. I am sure my flatmate and I would win the contest when it comes to competing the amount of the white coffee kitchen cups. Sure thing.

I could write about this coffee kitchen for ages… Nevertheless all things need to come to an end, may the coffee be with you. 🙂


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