A tiny bit exotic and vintage – Palm Vaults

When you are reading this, I was currently sitting in one tiny magical and pretty exotic looking spot in the London Borough of Hackney. The lovely spot I am talking about is called Palm Vaults. It just feels right to write down my thoughts and impressions just in the very same moment I am enjoying my lovely chai. The atmosphere at Palm Vaults is super relaxing. You literally feel like being at a vintage beach café on an island or it also could be in Bevery Hills or even Hawaii, I think. Why? Mainly because palms meet Christmas trees there right now. Imagine a combination of british vintage looking interior and a wee bit American vibes when it comes to cups, lights and plants – and the result is Palm Vaults.


Well, drinking my coffee there literally felt like being on an island or somewhere similar to me. Chilled music, plants aka palm leaves in small vases on the tables, pink furniture and brick walls. Due to the early winter evenings it might seem a bit dark inside the café and you might get sleepy more easily but the interior as well as the cutlery, plates and stuff like that is more than bright. I really like the pink chairs, the brick walls and the lovely plants hanging above the desks which are hiding the lights – but just a tiny bit. All just matches perfectly together.

At Palm Vaults I enjoyed a dirty chai latte. The difference between chai and dirty chai latte is the amount of caffeine. A dirty chai offers an espresso shot and the, let´s call it clean chai, does not offer one. It is milky but not too sweet in that case.

FullSizeRender[2]FullSizeRender[5]FullSizeRender[3]Palm Vaults really got me from the first second on. The area where this coffeespot is located is not busy at all, it is actually quite calm for London. The staff is super super super nice. They really care about their customers, very keen eyes though. I asked for a glas of water and they instantly gave me a whole bottle. It was pink – super cute. And the cup was pink too. Pink is the general colour. Even in the bathroom.

I have to say, I am more than glad being able to spend some time in London right before the Christmas Season. Everything is sooo christmassy, very beautiful decoration in/outside everywhere. You may hear christmas carols and won’t miss the smell of Pimm´s served as Christmas punch when you walk along the Thames River, for instance. Actually, the barista ladies are setting up a Palm Vaults alike decorated Xmas-tree right now. Love that! 🙂

FullSizeRender[1]FullSizeRender[4]One more thing for you which you should not miss: Palm Vaults is really famous for their colourful beverages. You may get them in yellow, green and pink obviously. It depends on what you are asking for. Mine was white – I am going for a more colourful one next time.

I would describe Palm Vaults as the ideal spot to calm down and put yourself into kind of a holiday mode. Simply relaxable. Go there, spot some vintage stuff and enjoy a colourful beverage. Sure it is fun. Just be aware that they close quite early like 5ish. Have a good day everyone!

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