Ringstraße Vienna – New Discovery

Ohh lovely Vienna – the city of coffee and during winter, also the city of lights. Folks, I promise, nothing is more beautiful during Xmas season than walking along the long Ringstraße in Vienna. There are Xmas lights nearly everywhere. I really like it when the trees suddenly wear a bit of glowing accessories. 🙂

For those of you who do not know, the Austrian capital is also well known for its museums and galleries. The spot I am going to talk about this morning is located near the museum area of Vienna. The café is approximately five minutes away from the big nature science and art historic science museum. Actually those two cultural institutions are currently surrounded by a few lovely christmas markets. In any case you fancy having a punch or waffles after your coffee, you just have to follow the christmassy lights which will directly lead you to the market stands.

It is Monday again. The fourth advent weekend is just around the corner – cannot believe how fast time flies by. Sadly I have hardly spotted any snow yet. So, let´s focus on the bright aka coffee side of life. 🙂

FullSizeRender[3]FullSizeRender[1]FullSizeRender[2]FullSizeRender[5]When you have chance, the Burgring Café should be the spot where you are enjoying your coffee this week. As I said, it is located in a Xmas-looking environment and therefore a good spot to warm up as well. I am well aware we have no snow at the moment but the degrees definitely do their best when it comes to freezing. The ceiling and the interior amazed me the most at Burgring Café. Please have a look on the pics below to get an impression. More coffee talk follows later on.

The menu is full of interesting and funny quotes by the way. Can you guess which coffee I ordered? It maybe starts with a C… My great company and I both enjoyed one. It was good but sadly the cup was very very small. So better order two of them if you expect or need more caffeine on that day. The coffee tasted very traditional, like a real viennese one. You also can get fresh smoothies and self-made lemonade which tastes very good too. Furthermore, the Burgring Café offers every typical Austrian meal which comes to your mind. Starving is not happening.

In general I really liked the atmosphere at Burgring Café. Very arty and trendy but also kind of traditional. Traditional in terms of the food they serve and not to forget the cute cake vitrine at the very back of this coffeeshop. Although the café is quite big, it did not seem busy at all. The waiters wear traditional clothes like black trousers, white blouses or shirts and a black apron. The lights on the ceiling are one detail which probably amazed me the most. So did the lights near the bar. Oh well, the bar is so cool – even the dark chairs in front of it. All together just makes a perfect picture, I think. Next time, when you are strolling around the famous Vienna Ringstraße, go there and enjoy a beverage. I am looking forward to receiving your pictures. 🙂


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