Tulum aka guacamole heaven – coffeespot discovery in Mexico

Life is a journey. Travelling is a pleasure and coffee is an honour. Indeed. If you are currently freezing during this cold December, then I would like to invite you for further reading. I promise you will feel a little warmed up afterwards and may even have spotted some sun on the pictures.

In the beginning of November, one of my best friends and I packed our suitcases and got into a plane to a place far far away. We flew to Cancún and from the airport directly to a little charming place – the village is called Tulum. It is located on the Yucatan Island in Mexico, not far away from the famous beach “Playa del Carmen”. Actually it was kind of a cheap place to spend the holidays. You get delicious fresh fruit and I had the very best guacamole of my life. A couple of times. And not to forget the Mexican beer. Corona, you truly rock.

FullSizeRender[6]During our short holiday break, we also had some time to discover inspiring coffee places of course. Fun fact, Tulum offered us only one. Luckily that one was a pearl. Well, you may order coffee in every restaurant, hidden breakfast spot, beach club or in a hotel – but those who know me quite well know, I rather prefer having coffee in a truly special place where coffee plays the main role. That “mission” was kind of difficult though in this small place. Due to the fact that the Mexicans were not able to speak English or even Spanish with us tourist girls, it was basically on us most of the time to discover the streets and find our own hang out places. I usually prefer exploring on one´s own anyways but a few insider tips would not have been that bad. Hence we were able to discover the Tulum Art Club during our daily citytour by bike. You find it directly on the main road which represents the Tulum city center.

FullSizeRender[2]FullSizeRender[1]FullSizeRender[7]FullSizeRenderTulum Art Club is both, a coffee place and an art gallery. It is quite big, many sitting options and good to get some work done. Wifi, ventilators and cosy chairs in a hip art setting. You may spot some pictures but also sculptures, vintage stuff, decor details and books.

Like in most coffeeshops you also get pastry, smoothies and snacks. I did not try food there, I just had an espresso macchiato. Although we did not have much time, we took some anyways and sat down for a bit. Just to get the art feeling and appreciate this rare setting while we are here. 🙂 Everything in Mexico is just so colourful by the way. It does not matter which building or product, it is normal and kind of common for the Mexican culture. Each one is very unique. And so was the coffee place. Due to the big windows the café is very bright in every little corner which goes well with the art on the walls. All matches perfectly to the mostly green and blue coloured wood furniture. Really nice to look at.

Tulum Art Club is definitely an instagramable place. Cheap coffee and an inspiring setting to calm down and hide for a few seconds from the strong sun. No worries, during winter it is fine – especially as a European you try to catch every bit of sun you can. Luckily this November provided us lovely warm weather in Tulum. Hiding from the sun was not even an option for us – we did choose the table in the brightest corner of the coffeeshop. 🙂


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