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Mondays – coffee gem in Linz

Mondays – coffee gem in Linz

Today is the last Monday before Christmas. Maybe you have managed to get all the presents, then you definitely deserve a coffee. Maybe you have not managed to get all the presents for your friends and family yet, then you definitely need one.

I can recommend you a small cute café located in the old town of Linz. If you never had the chance to visit Linz, you probably would not pass that little alley I am talking about, so better keep reading. 🙂  I would like to introduce you the little café Friedlieb und Töchter. Actually this spot just turned two years! Two years of serving nice coffee, surprising their clients with delicious cakes and pastry and serving café-fascinated people a place to warm up, hang out and chat. The sofa inside is the perfect spot to watch the passionate baristas doing their coffee thing and the big window is great for spoting busy and not so busy people.

The Friedlieb und Töchter coffeeshop has a really lovely coffee machine indeed. It matches the whole interior – most of the little decor stuff is coloured silver and turquoise. Also the cups are turquoise, the one to stay and the one to take away as well. Try the Flat White by the way, it is definitely worth it. I ordered one cup to go because I wanted to explore the old town with all its magical characteristics by carrying an enjoyable coffee in my hand. Try the same, it is fun.

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