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Lake Area 2.0. accompanied with coffee

Lake Area 2.0. accompanied with coffee

As I promised last weekend, there is still some coffee content for you which comes along with the year 2016. This one is about the Kaffeewerkstadt in the lovely tiny village St. Wolfgang which is a part of the famous countryside Salzkammergut in Austria. The Kaffeewerkstadt is a combination of a café which serves delicious food as well and a roomy store where you find endless decor stuff. It is very cosy and super ‘crowded’ with stuff but in a good way. Sure, you may have to look twice in order to find a free table or the table itself, but once you have sat down, you can capture the whole cosy and traditional atmosphere. 🙂 I went to this café with my younger sister right before the winter holiday season. Actually that was the best idea ever: we got the biggest table, the coffee was in our hands in a minute, the breakfast was super delicious and all in all, the little town was free from tourists, cameras and noise – we literally had it all for ourselves which was great. More than great and  perfect for relaxing and getting into the holiday spirit. Even some snow joined us.

As you can see, we enjoyed a caffé latte and a black one. Both super good, the people there really know what they are doing. The stuff is super friendly at the Kaffeewerkstatt. You may notice a difference when you are in a little town where everybody knows everybody, the people there seem much more relaxed than in a busy town café. My sister enjoyed the day too – some quality time every once in a while is always a good idea! Actually she is pretty into photography and took some of the photos attached in this blogpost. You can check out here online profile if you would like to see more. Whenever you are enjoying yourself in the beautiful lake area of Austria, make sure to stop by this gorgeous spot and say hi from cammy. This café is quite a good place to have a weekend brunch and to sit down for a few hours. So traditional looking and adorable corners to sit and shop.

So far so good, at this point I would like to wish you all a very haaaaappy new year! May your last days of this year be as good as the first ones in waiting 2017. 😉

Have a lovely New Year´s Eve everybody – it was a pleasure sharing coffee content with you in the past half year. You definitely are going to see and read more about inspiring coffee destinations next year – sounds way more dramatic than next week.  🙂 See ya soon & cups up!! Best, Carmen.

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