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Truly hip – they call it `NomNom´

Truly hip – they call it `NomNom´

Yes, they do.

This time I had a little extra help concerning the photography. My sister was totally in the mood to capture a few impressions of this spot in Linz. NomNom is located in the old town of the main capital of the province Upper Austria which belongs more or less to the countryside of Austria. My curiosity about the café raised and raised the first second I saw their Instagram feed and the logo outside the entrée. I tend to see this place as a hip breakfast spot.

Basically they are famous for serving incredibly good bowls. Whether you are in the mood for cacao, porridge, fruit, açai, nuts or even spinach – one of the few bowl ingredient combinations will make you happy. That is truly a matter of fact. Well in any case you are craving for something other than a bowl, NomNom serves a bunch of smoothies and salads too.

Hope you had a good start into 2017 and are already working on your coffee related resolutions!

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