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A lovely coffee related surprise

A lovely coffee related surprise

I am such a winter person. If snow joins me, even better. During the holiday season I had much time to do some short city day trips or hit the mountains for a lovely view covered in snow. One day, the Austrian city Salzburg was on my list. Although it is quite touristy most of the time and I have been there like hundreds of time already, it is always good to come back. I do not know why but the city has a specific charm and always brings along good vibes.

After walking along the famous Makartsteg which includes tons of love locks (and tourists) and a little shopping, I was craving for a hot beverage. And not only because of the freezing temperatures outside. For those of you who are familiar with the pub places along the Rudolfskai in Salzburg, better keep going after you have reached the Irish Pub Shamrock, there is indeed a coffee gem waiting. It is called Kaffee Alchemie.

In my point of view, there is no way of not entering a place which has a tiny xmas tree covered in colourful fairy lights as a welcome decor essential. The Kaffee Alchemie is kind of well hidden, that is true, which makes it even better I guess. To be honest, it is much more comfortable and exciting to discover a city beyond all that typical tourist stuff. The coffee happens to taste even better when there is the chance to sit down, talk and not get squeezed into a corner with a lot of people holding their cameras and stuff. Please do not get me wrong, I am not meaning to judge anybody  🙂 I just want to point out the ups of feeling and experiencing a right and enjoyable coffee atmosphere.

The Kaffee Alchemie in Salzburg is a coffee place which may be able to overload you the first time you are entering. There are quite a lot of shelves filled with coffee material and stuff to buy and a big vitrine offering cakes and pastry. The coffee machine is huge and it is not that easy to watch creating latte art there hence the cups are stacked on it. By the way, the cups are truly special. Most of them are gold! I loved them. They are making a good contrast to the filter coffee inside though.

The baristas are good company as well. I promise you, they are more than happy to share their coffee knowledge with you. We even got a little coffee map which showed all the ingredients and coffee flavours they serve and roast. That was pretty interesting to see and to taste certain flavours in our own coffees later on. It is an experience you would not want to miss. We had a flat white and one mild filter coffee which tasted a bit flowery and got a touch of arabica coffee beans. Please enjoy the lovely captions below – we did not act thrifty in creating them. 🙂

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