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Vienna coffee festival 2017

Vienna coffee festival 2017

Where shall I even start? It was a blast. A festival fully dedicated to coffee is definitely a great start into the new year.

This year was the third run for the Vienna Coffee Festival which took place in the well-known beer brewery in Ottakring, Vienna. The event did last for four entire days, one was trade only though. My friends and I joined the fun on Saturday evening to celebrate the great coffee madness together with some baristas. We attended the so-called ‘Hasta Barista Party’ – folks, that was fun! It was a really comfortable atmosphere including live music and people were constantly in the mood to dance. The stage did look amazing too 🙂 One fun fact, the baristas were pretty creative in terms of drinks and even served coffee beer! The first few swigs tasted a bit weird because you would not expect a liquid combination like this. As I like beer and obviously love coffee, I celebrated this drink called ‘Festivalbeer Muckefuck’ very much.

The next day we headed back to the brewery around noon. We had pretty much the whole Sunday for exploring the coffee trade. So, we did not hesitate to take a look at some roastery stands and stuff. We enjoyed the latte art watching, tried different coffees and cheered on the people attending and running the latte art competition. Actually it was a national championship held at the coffee festival. All in all, it was a fun day including lots of caffeine for us girls 🙂 One of my favourite things was the lovely espresso martini. The boys wearing a bow tie really knew how to rock the bar and served us lovely decorated beverages. Even the process itself was fascinating to watch. 1,2,3,4, watch!

What else? Well, what would be a coffee festival without gorgeous latte art? Of course we spent like two hours in the first row watching talented baristas preparing fascinating looking coffee. There was also a jury who watched them all the time and took notes on everything. Every movement needed to be watched exactly. I can totally understand why the baristas did not have calm hands during this, they looked so relieved afterwards. I can only say – as I probably do in every post 😀 – I´m more motivated than ever to finally attend a latte art lesson! My goal is creating a marvellous milky flower one day.

Besides the latte art championship and many more on the agenda, there was a cupping session for example. Cupping simply means coffee tasting with a spoon super quick and a little noisy. It´s like a professional way to discover the best quality coffee. You really need to concentrate to come to the cup of excellence.

The weekend was really fun, my friends and I had the best time. What I appreciate about such get togethers as well, is the change to meet and get in touch with so many coffee passionates. There were quite a few coffee owners, baristas I recognised again because of my weekly coffeeshop journeys. I am already looking forward to visiting the coffee festival next year. January is kind of a good time, although it is freezing, to start into a new year full of coffee excitement. Cheers!

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