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Secret Pocket – Burggasse 24

Secret Pocket – Burggasse 24

It was one of those days Vienna got even a bit prettier. What I mean by saying that? I am talking about the fast and innocent way loads of snow showed up within a few minutes some days ago. As i love snow and winter in general that much – although I am craving for a bit of sunshine already and looking forward to a hopefully warmer march – my mood could not get any better expect the moment I was holding a coffee cup in my hand.

I found one pretty good secret pocket in the 7th district. It is like a concept store: I would say, a point where fashion and coffee come together. Cosiness would be the word which defines the setting at its best. There is an old-fashioned stove, many cute chairs and sofas and pretty stunning design, art and furniture. Furthermore it is pretty student friendly. Great to study, work on projects, bring a foreign into the fancy Vienna lifestyle a la seventh district and to hide as well. 🙂 The coffee machine is pretty nice to look at. I do apologise for not showing you a coffee picture here, but I will make it up to you soon. Probably the following spot pictures are a little excuse already. Have a nice day, we are already heading towards the weekend!!

Besides, you may find a few pictures about the Burggasse 24 coffee place on Instagram as well.

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