Strolls around lovely gems like Spittelberg

If I was told to write a book about the places which I admire the most in lovely Vienna, I would probably pick the area Spittelberg in the creative middle city district number seven. The narrow streets, the cute houses, the markets, the cafés, the people – just everything is so unique around this gem. The fact that the area happen to be super close to my beloved hangout place Museumsquartier is not the only thing why I prefer strolling around Spittelberg whenever I have chance. Hence there was no reason of not saying hi to this little area when my sister visited me over the weekend. Add a coffee to the agenda and the Sunday treat could not be more perfect. So, I am excited to introduce you the lovely Tian Bistro right away.

FullSizeRenderTian Bistro is a paradise when it comes to drinks and food, I guess. The place itself is kind of well hidden. You really need to know the Spittelberg area a bit to actually find it, at least it took me a while to notice it. 🙂 Otherwise, if you are lucky you may discover it sooner – especially during light days which do not come together with loads of tourists and leaves (in terms of spring or autumn weather conditions) covering the front facades of the house where the café/restaurant is located. What an introduction, right? Back to…coffee? Well, once you´re in, you win. Literally.

The second my sister and I entered the spot was a bliss. The staff was so friendly, courteous and really thrilled when it came to ‘pitching’ (let´s use this term) the breakfast menu. Seriously, I felt like being in a holiday resort or something because I was so blown away by both, the selection of the breakfast items and the way they presented them. Pure event marketing at its best, no kidding! We had the best time and were pretty successful in trying almost the whole menu. Fun and very suitable for appreciating a Sunday. And of course the coffee is stunning! We had two times black coffee and an almond cappuccino plus an extra latte later on. The coffee was strong but in a good way. Basically just right to get up.


I would say, if you are craving for a really good breakfast in a calm but special and modern place and are open to get a breakfast experience slightly different than usual or rather traditional ones, give Tian Bistro a try! I promise you, even just having a glass of lemon water is worth a visit. I am definitely coming back soon, they had me instantly. And so says my sister. 🙂 In general, I like to support spots which pay attention to the details and are proud in showing their passion to the customers and surprise them by their creativity when it comes to presenting the food, for instance. At the same time getting the chance to hang out in a sort of “winter garden” in the middle of a city, is a pretty rare thing nowadays which makes this bistro even more interesting. 🙂

In any case you may want to see a bit of what we had on our plates this morning, there you go:


A few last words: I cannot decide if I like the atmosphere experiencing in Spittelberg more in winter or summer or rather in between because both, the cute Christmas market as well as the garden seating accompanied by bubbly drinks and live music perhaps during warmer periods, is great. What is your fav spot near by? I am curious, always always always. Well folks, that´s it – have a lovely last bit of the weekend! Maybe you´re up and reading my coffee dedicated words anyways because it is the Oscars tonight and coffee is on the agenda to watch it through, obviously. 😉




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