More Hamburg Vibes – Visit at Nord Coast Coffee Roastery

The best filter coffee of my life, no kidding! And let me tell you, that means something – it´s got to be mean something 🙂 Today I am in the mood to share a few more Hamburg coffee vibes with you. So, I would like to write about my visit at the Nord Coast Coffee Roastery. The day was a truly coffee feeling experience, fun though.

FullSizeRender[1]To give you a little hint how famous the coffee roasters of Nord Coast are about to become, read this: In fact this coffeeshop has attended the coffee festival in Amsterdam the previous weekend. Nord Coast has done a pretty good job at the coffee festival, at least I could spot some insights via their social media channels. I consider such coffee dedicated events as a great opportunity to represent your passion and skills and share those with others while enchanting them with your coffee expertise. It is nice to have a sort of stage and occasion to show what you are good at and share it with others. Truly admirable. I cannot wait to attend the next coffee festival coming up which will take place in lovely exciting London. More about this soon.

Well, I said in the beginning something like “the best filter coffee of my life” – how can I possibly justify that? Try it at Nord Coast, that would be my answer. Yes, it is this simple! It all started with the little sign on the picture in the beginning which raised up my curiosity. My sister and I were deeply craving for some coffee after a pretty interesting trade we had attended the days before in Hamburg. After a little research and exploring the city, we chose to visit one café located in the famous unique Speicherstadt in Hamburg, Germany. We had a delicious breakfast including fresh orange juice and awesome coffee. I ordered a brewed coffee which tasted like a combination of cherries, vanilla and coffee obviously. The amount of caffeine was great – not too strong or too light, just drinkable in terms of heat and caffeine and the best “side dish” to my creative breakfast choice. My sister went with an açaí bowl and I chose some quinoa patties served with avocado, spinach, eggs and herbs. The coffee blew my mind away haha. It was soo so good. If you are interested in the flavour I actually ordered, please do not hesitate to ask me. 🙂FullSizeRender[12]FullSizeRender[11]FullSizeRender[10]FullSizeRender[7]FullSizeRender[13]Nord Coast opens its doors daily. Better be there as early as possible if you are planning to get a cup of morning coffee if you have change. We went there on a Saturday (thankfully early enough just a few minutes past 10 am) and literally got the last table. There are not few seating options indeed, but not enough for five dozens of people queuing, trust me. 🙂 Speaking of queuing – that action is definitely kind of a experience factor at its best at this roastery. You are able to watch how they prepare the gorgeous coffee, either filter or milk based coffee aka flat white, latte or cappuccino to name a few. Furthermore, they let you choose your unique coffee flavour. You can smell the different flavours, all placed in tiny vials filled up with coffee beans and a little description where they come from, how they taste and so on. As you have plenty of time before ordering, it makes sense to do your coffee research as good as possible. A visit at Nord Coast Coffee Roastery is definitely worth a visit. Especially when you are planing to combine your Hamburg exploring tour through the Speicherstadt with just the right amount of caffeine!

That´s a wrap! [Stay up to date by following me on my Social Media channels for more upcoming posts and pics.] Cheers, coffee folks!


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