Moin Moin, Milk

Just milk. Surprisingly it is that simple. Milk is the dearly needed ingredient for the awesome coffee creations at this spot. Milk is the colour which represents the setting in terms of furniture, decor and art in this spot. Milk is actually the name of this spot too. Well, enough milk talk. I better just keep going and show you some visuals. You may can tell yourself why this spot has made it to my coffee dedicated diary here.


The café Milk (actually called Milch for the German mother tongues of you) is located in one of those streets you probably would miss as a tourist when you are in Hamburg for the first time, I guess. And probably also when you do not really know a few born and raised citizens of this Northern city. Thankfully to good connections aka beloved Hamburg native coffee friends, this street was one “must-see” point on the Hamburg exploring list. In addition to this aforesaid insider knowledge we kept in our heads, the weather could not be any better on that day. Super sunny and no rain which is kind of unusual for a city like Hamburg which is basically famous for its clouds and rain drop fun.

Milch is situated in a building which is a bit of an old fashioned one. A little traditional/vintage alike looking is the entrance too. And the way how the letters “MILCH” / “MILK” are fixed above the doors. It feels like being somewhere around the early 90s. Not that I could remember exactly how everyday live used to look like more than twenty years ago – I mean, I was a little little little one 🙂 – but as far as I can tell because of pictures, videos, stories and stuff, it probably fits best into that decade.

At Milch they are happily serving you gorgeous latte all day long, really tasty pie and in case you are in the mood for, quite a few newspapers are waiting for you. If you ever enter the café, please appreciate the coffee machine – you will see it on one of my pics below, it is a dream. – Moin, moin.


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