A tiny bit Marrakech


Sunglasses, straws in fresh drinks and a daily dose of caffeine – elements which should not be missing during a fun vacay. Thanks to mad recommendations and a ton of convincing pictures, one of my dearest friends and I happily booked a flight to one of the most colourful places which are reachable in about four hours by plane from Austria. Frankly, I never really planed to or even thought about visiting this place someday, but I am glad my curiosity kind of forced me to. Marrakech, the heart of Morocco, is definitely worth a visit. Despite the fact that we have not been so lucky in terms of accommodation choosing and the first eve was a little cultural shock indeed, I would recommend stopping by in the city anyways, we had a blast. Whether for a short weekend stay away or a whole week including visiting some other places nearby such as Casablanca, Fès or the Atlas Mountains, it is a nice fit especially because it offers both relaxing and exploring stuff. I guess Marrakech is now transforming to a pretty trendy holiday spot these days, not only during off-seasons. Haha ok, back to coffeespot basics, I am not willing to write a whole travel dairy here… 🙂

Once upon a time…


Zwin Zwin is the spot you should add to your list while you are busy strolling around the markets of Marrakech. Actually finding this café was kind of a coincidence and I am so glad we were courageous enough to walk up those turquoise stairs in the middle of a busy tiny street including loads of crazy people on motorcycles and some trying to sell their goods like 24/7. Zwin Zwin Café is literally the perfect spot to settle down during a fast but exciting first stroll through the Medina (old town) of Marrakech. It is very well hidden and super small though but on the top there is this little terrace which offers a stunning view over the city and palms do say hi as well. We spent like 4 hours talking there and enjoyed some delicious fresh orange juice and latte. At Zwin Zwin´s you also get healthy and not so healthy food and the music puts you in the right holiday mode. We went there two times in a row and most of the time we had the rooftop for ourselves because we chose some not so ordinary hours for stopping by. The orange juice they are serving at this café is like a vitamin heaven coming true, the coffee is fine, nothing too special but the best Moroccan one I had during our holiday stay – folks, that means something!


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