A piece of art – Café Hornig

The other day, one special coffeeplace really enchanted me. Seriously, it got me like..*.* This place in the heart of the Siebensternstraße is like just around the corner where I am currently living in Vienna. It is a very big, bright and super trendy and comfortable café in general. I am curious visiting new spots, especially when they are in the beginning of their coffee serving period! Usually, it takes a bit before good coffeespots get crowded and I really enjoy the time while it is a wee bit of a secret and a meetingpoint somehow for all the crazy coffeelovers like me.

I went there with a friend of mine who is pretty into coffee too, we had a blast and spent there two hours or something catching up and enjoying our lattes at one of the most beautiful corners the café J. Hornig is offering. Take a minute to look at this coffee table, please. I love it! Let me call it a piece of art.


One thing I always appreciate about coffeespots, is when the baristas are happily giving you some time before ordering something – studying the coffee menu takes a while 😉 – and I like getting a bit of advice in terms of coffee beans choosing and stuff. My friend and I went with two gorgeous latte which perfectly matched to the coffee table setting. The prices are absolutely good and fair at J. Hornig, especially when comparing those with other cafés in Vienna. The Viennese coffee in general is not really one of the cheapest, we all know and naturally get used to that though, so if the coffee is really THE one (and trust me, after a while of tasting some in the city you know what THE one means) I am always willing to support coffeespots which are literally living and serving gorgeous quality coffee. At J. Hornig you pay a fair price but also get a more than fair amount of caffeine and a certain event feeling as you can watch all the steps creating it because you have the barista counter aka coffee stage directly in front of you.

J. Hornig is just a charming place. From now on, I guess I can speak for us both, a new café just made it to one of the top 5 coffeeplaces we are happily visiting on a regular basis in Vienna. Sure thing. As the café does offer enough space and seating options and is super bright due to the quite big windows and oh yeah, I do appreciate the floor as well, J. Hornig might be an additional place stopping by when there is a need to get some uni work done. Give me some coffee accompanied by fresh flowers, maybe a glass of water and not to forget some music in the background, I am definitely happy staying plenty of hours at a good café which happens to have super friendly and competent baristas too. Looking forward to visiting this place again soon!


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