Ohh so french, Café au Lait

Craving for a wee bit of a holiday spirit but there is no sign of leaving the country just by now? Well, thanks to places like the one I am going to share with you this Friday, you do not even have to leave your district at all (if you are ridiculously lucky). Otherwise you should reach the coffeespot within a fairly acceptable expenditure of time anyways.


There it is, La Mercerie! The moment you are seeing it, the time you are spending at and the feeling you are having afterwards is truly french. I guess this spot provides all what it takes to feel like you are staying in a little part of Paris for a bit. This cute little french café happens to be in the ninth district just a few minutes away from the summerly Danube canal and the main university. It is a pretty student friendly area obviously. Kind of fancy having a little french traditional café right in the middle of Vienna, isn´t it?

The whole setting at this coffeespot is super lovely. Very traditional, dark furniture, bright minimalistic lights, little decor and a gorgeous vitrine filled with croissants and a nice coffee machine in the background. Of course, the setting charmingly forces you to order the most typical french coffee, café au lait. That was nuts – so so so good! Mostly, when you are ordering a latte anywhere, it is likely that it consists only of a tiny bit of caffeine and the rest is pure warm milk. Not at la Mercerie, coffeelovers! Their café au lait has the perfect amount of both, caffeine and milk. Definitely one, I am going to dream about the next night or so. Loved it.

On another note, the best thing besides coffee at La Mercerie is probably that you do not have to have any french language skills at all. The people are happily serving your orders and responding back to you in German and guess what, English as well. HA! 😉


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