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I cannot describe how happy I am being back in the UK for a couple of days. Currently typing this after an exciting coffee related day in London. More details about my visit at the one and only London coffeefestival soon. I am actually enjoying a hot chocolate right now – just to smooth my caffeine level a bit and as a little treat after walking about 35 kilometres all by foot in the last two days.

IMG_9415Well, if you feel the same in terms of treats and/or need a coffeeshop recommendation for the next time you happen to find yourself in the British capital, then do not hesitate in visiting the Attendant. This coffeeshop is killin it! Actually it does have two spots here in London. One in Shoreditch to which this post is relating to and one in Fitzrovia. Weird fun fact, the one in Fitzrovia seriously used to be a public toilet in former times. Now it is a place where everyone likes to say ´one latte to take away please´- such things might only happen in London. Haha but please do not freak out just yet – the former toilet thing goes years wayyy way back. 😉 If you do have mixed feelings right now, then let me convince you with this awesome meal you may get in both of the Attendant coffeeshops. I definitely could not say no, especially after not consuming any sugar meals for nearly two weeks, to this art piece of toast. Cups up of for the Attendant´s french toast, folks! Isn´t this nuts?? It came with flowers and stewed apple.

IMG_9423Another fun fact, I did visit the Attendant just a few hours after the coffeefestival. Well, do not ask me how coffee cravings after half a day of coffee tasting is still possible, let´s take the location as an excuse. As the Attendant has one coffeeshop in Shoreditch quite close to the famous arty Brick Lane (the coffeefestival took place around the same location), I had to take the chance in making even more out of the hip Shoreditch area. The whole setting at the Attendant is pretty cool. All in green and white tiles and a hip barista counter. The coffee is amazing and the food as well, obviously. It does not matter what you are willing to order, it will be prepared with the help of their toaster, I guess. You may get avocado smash toast, english muffins, roasted baguettes and a bunch of other stuff. Whenever you are in Shoreditch or near Fitzrovia, order something at the Attendant. I am sure you will love it there. 🙂 Besides, the staff is super friendly too. I was very warm welcomed and immediately served a whole carafe of cucumber mint water. Additionally the cup of flat white was mine. IMG_9424IMG_9419IMG_9418IMG_9416

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