Press meets Coffee

Just after the coffee itself and perhaps the whole setting of a good and special coffee place, yes then comes a thing which carries a certain and decent importance indeed. It is the name, eventually. Considering the point that there are endless coffee places worldwide already, it can be quite tricky to stand out though. I am always curious about places which are willing to choose a more creative or even personal story related path when it comes to the part of the fun. Speaking of names, one of my latest discoveries actually did a damn good job! I highly recommend this place which is located in the fun and arty district Holborn in London.

IMG_9451The coffee place I am about to introduce you right away names two things that apparently do fit perfectly together. And I am not only saying this because I am very familiar with the whole press and communications field due to studies and work. The lovely gem carries the name Press Coffee. Kind of a tempting one as the sight of a writer and coffee freak, I believe. Definitely my kind of world.

As briefly mentioned above, the place is located in London near the busy great street High Holborn – you will find it on the Fleet Street, to be super exact. Press Coffee is amazing to look at from the opposite of the street already. A tiny drink in / take out place for all the busy morning or rather afternoon runners in the need of caffeine. The entrance is amazing. Need to mention this twice. Press Coffee represents itself all in black and with a fairly nice window front. The next or rather first thing you may see while entering, would be the barista counter hidden behind the kind of big coffee machine and the bunch of white cups. Very lovely to look at and among those coffee equipment (like bags, hats, mugs and stuff which is for sale btw), queuing is much more fun. And you need to queue there for a few minutes, that is for sure. In the case you wanna stay a little longer – reading through all the papers the Press Coffee people are providing besides coffee and so – there is slightly more seating space downstairs fyi.

IMG_9465IMG_9467IMG_9456IMG_9464IMG_9458IMG_9463To sum this up, Press Coffee is a charming and interesting place all in all. A point where the press and coffee champs including passionate baristas are coming together. Press Coffee rocks and should be mentioned among “places to go this week” in the next Timeout mag issue. Or like in every weekly issue. Preferably. 🙂

Let me end up this article in quoting the lines appearing on the website of the Press Coffee owners. And have a lovely holiday break, everyone!

We have you in mind. All the time. Through every process.
Every coffee. Every meal. Every smile.
For you.


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