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One of my very first posts up here on this little coffeespot dairy, is dedicated to the already well-known Grind coffee places situated straight through London. Since back summer the Grind coffee chain has grown a lot as well as the coffee, tea and food selection has developed in terms of creativity and individuality. Every time I am entering one of the Grind locations, I am impressed – every single one is just so unique and I am a true fan of the letter lightings on some walls. You will see a new example below.
Just for the record: I am now a happy owner of the Grind black card, folks! This one guarantees me a little discount every once in a while which definitely does not suck, right? 😉
Well, last week I happened to find myself in the London Borough of Islington. How beautiful is Islington btw?? On a late morning I popped into Clerkenwell Grind which is not far away from the tube station Barbican. At Clerkenwell Grind you truly find your place as a student, I suppose. Me and three others had the whole place for ourselves on a Monday morning. The place provides both, a fancy restaurant including a coffeeshop area and a damn cool bar downstairs. The bar has those “letter fairy lights” fyi. Super modern and almost electric, all in all.
What do you think about the setting? Have you ever visited a Grind coffee place before? If yes, let me know which one you liked best! And if not, grab your shoes and go there! Make sure to order a latte there or the avocado toast or one of their amazing juices. The staff is so attentive and the music selection is great – no matter which spot you are willing to attend.
I am pretty sure the Grind team is currently location scouting for their next possible London coffee places! I am more than curious already which area will be chosen next and above all, how many actual locations will already have opened their doors the next time I am having chance to visit the UK again. We will see.

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