The London Coffee Festival

Today is the day which is fully dedicated to the London Coffee Festival. Imagine a point where it is truly normal to drink coffee all day long accompanied by good music, awesome pastry and just people like you with caffeine cravings in their head. Let me tell you, the London Coffee Festival (LCF) literally feels and is like coffee heaven at its best. Be ready for a ton of pictures – I tried my best to capture every tiny detail of that amazing coffee festival.

505The LCF was a four day long event hold in Shoreditch at the old Truman Brewery. Probably no other sort of location would fit better than the Truman Brewery, I suppose. The setting was and naturally is awesome. There was so much space for everything related to coffee. Even a couple of stages including great musicians and some extra room for workshops, cuppings, presentations and stuff – I spotted everything. As the festival was divided into many different areas, such as Hyde Park, Soho, Shoreditch etc., it was quite easy to get an overview and not to get lost. One thing that I really appreciate(d) about the LCF is, that there were so many international stands straight through the Truman Brewery. For instance, there was one little danish bakery which instantly got my attention. They offered everything in terms of pastry and stuff. Really delicious to look at and also very friendly people of Denmark who were hosting the spot at the LCF.

503510501507508506367Generally it is a little impossible to pick one thing which I liked the most about the LCF as the event offered so many great ones! I spent nearly four hours at the LCF on a Sunday. I chose the ticket for the brunch session which was the perfect time slot for me. In the case of coffee, I do can tell you my fav one. Well, I have got two favs actually. Thumbs up for the amazing filter coffee “Munyinya Hill” of the lovely Ozone Coffee Roasters. One of the baristas, it is a shame I cannot remember his name though, prepared one (well, a whole carafe and I drank two cups in the end) for me which was super delicious. So, when you are at the Ozone Coffee Roasters London coffee place, order the Munyinya filter coffee, it will keep you awake quite a few hours. First things first…and second first things second, right? The next fav one is an iced latte version. I think I had it straight afterwards 😉 While I was spotting some arty coffee creations at the Latte Art Live session downstairs, someone happened to offer me a gem called Iced Baileys Latte – at that point I completely lost my mind as it was unbelievably good!! I lo lov loved it!! Although I am not a fan of any alcohol in my coffee (rum might be the worst) and I normally do not drink baileys, from now on, I list and prefer it definitely before an Espresso Martini.

22322110113726Coffee has the power and the spirit to be or to be seen as art as well, to point out some facts. Well, one thought which surprisingly turned out to be an actual one or something, placed right in the middle of the coffee madness at the Truman Brewery. Besides trying coffee shots, you cold admire the stunning collection of photographs and drawings dedicated to coffee. The little gallery was called “The Coffee Art Collective”. Alltogether some really creative, interesting and impressive projects and you could rate for the artists to get them awarded. Nice thing!

If you fancy, scroll down for a little sum up paragraph right after the pictures below.

24354114Haha one more thing I need to mention before my very last words dedicated to the London Coffee Festival! It is the cups, obviously. They deserve an extra shout out here, I suppose. Besides the fairly recognisable LCF cups, there were so many other different versions which carried your coffee throughout your stay at the Truman Brewery. Think of any colour and you might have spotted it. I like to collect coffee cups and even if I could not bring them all back home (imagine airport security, help help), I am thinking of printing some pics and pretending to have them hidden somewhere in my flat. Or so. 😉

86412133319344Coffee folks, we are getting there! – To sum it up, the LCF is an event which happily brings together all the people who are loving and celebrating the coffee industry/world and are living a conscious coffee lifestyle. All at once. I dearly recommend you the event in London. Dates for next year are already fixed, be sure to check them out early enough. Oh yeah and you may wanna see the after-movie of the LCF.

The event itself is so fascinating because it offers so so much aka a whole coffee experience.  That means: workshops, talks with coffee champs of the industry, coffee tasting obviously, getting in touch with other coffee lovers, buying everything coffee related you can possibly imagine and last but not least good music, food and a nice atmosphere to stroll around.

– Enjoy the pictures and hopefully feel the same as I did, being in THE coffee heaven.  Oh and how many coffees did I actually drink?? That is simple! I literally have no idea. Probably a few. 🙂


More pictures on my Instagram and Facebook. Have a good rest of the week! Best, Carmen.

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