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A glimpse of coffee – Farm Girl London

A glimpse of coffee – Farm Girl London

Ohh Portobello Road, you are so so lovely! Purely. Every time I am in London, I manage to visit at least one of my three top favourite places. Those are Primrose Hill, Notting Hill and the area around Tower Bridge. All so magical and beautiful indeed.

Well, today I am happily sharing lovely content of one of the cutest coffeeshops ever with you. This post is about the coffeeplace Farm Girl, located in charming Notting Hill. And of course in one of those houses on the lovely Portobello Road. Wait, Portobello what? I am talking about the probably most famous road in Notting Hill. Fun fact, even a movie exists relating to this gorgeous area. 🙂  And just in case you have never ever heard anything about the (=my) beloved Notting Hill, go and watch at least a couple of scenes of the movie, be it now or later but do it!! The movie includes Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, blue doors and even some coffee.

Back to the coffeeplace, shall we? Farm Girl is a café which is pretty well hidden, I suppose. Even I found it quite tricky to find and needed to go back because the coffeeplace is on the very beginning of the Portobello Road which I did not expect to be honest. So, you do not need to walk a mile in order to get some caffeine. Make sure to arrive late in the afternoon or early in the morning, it is a very busy spot though. (I guess not only but especially because of the hype on various social media accounts lately.) The food is amazing. I have not tried a whole meal expect some toast with british macadamia nut cream and jam which was delicious to my cappuccino, but I successfully spotted the meals on the tables next to me and every single of it looked like wow. And all super healthy as well. Vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free if you wish, Farm Girl knows how to handle intolerances. Speaking of food, they actually have just updated the menu, so I guess another reason for stopping by again soon.

Generally, Farm Girl is one of those places which provides you exactly the atmosphere the name stands for. A perfect fit, I think. It is the little hidden house including the facade, the farm alike looking furniture, the decor, the flowers, the “uniform” of the waiters and waitresses and many more – all fairly suitable to call the spot Farm Girl. Need to mention that I had the nicest waitress ever. She was so kind and asked me every five minutes or so how I am doing and if I wanted to have more drinks and so. Very attentive. I would consider the Farm Girl café as the ideal spot to get a little rest (during or after a busy day), to get a little country feeling and recharge your batteries. And besides, what makes your day more casual than strolling around the beautiful streets of colorfoul Notting Hill after having some delicious coffee, hm?

Do not forget to watch the movie. 😉

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