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Is it Sunday already? Unbelievable how fast this week passed by. My week was pretty exciting though, got to know really nice and awesome people, attended concerts and had some time to collect a few pictures for upcoming posts  – all in all, I managed to do a lot. To be honest, more spare time things than studying or work. But today I am back with a new post which is all about the german coffeespot called The Barn. It is in Berlin and I promise you it is insane in a good way, of course – you would not expect a place like that when you´re walking down the Auguststreet. It is at the very end of the street and it promises you, let´s called it a coffee trip, at its best.

As I mentioned a few times before, where when not in Berlin do you find the hippest, most alternative but amazing concept stores and coffeeshops? I am not even 55% familiar with this city yet, but I´ll do my best in terms of exploring and presenting you some lovely (maybe with secret potential sometimes, sometimes not) spots. The rest of the post is splittet in three sections. Easier for you to get a good overview, I guess.

The Coffeeshop

The Barn offers loads of types of coffee. I did need some time to make a decision. The staff is really friendly, they seemed very happy answering all my questions about the different beans, coffee strength and all that stuff. One member of the Barn recommended me a Colombian filter coffee. I basically felt a wave of caffeine getting into my blood.  A bit strong though but absolutely delicious. And I love it when coffee tastes a bit “flowerish”. Beside the filter coffee you can get super good cold brew and iced latte. I also like the cups, plates and glasses they use. The beverages look much more attractive in a cool cup, don´t they? As well, the Barn provides super yummy pastry – forget the calories and go with some cookies! I mean, who would deny a cookie out of peanut butter and lingonberry?Additionally, the whole coffeeshop is super bright from the inside. I really appreciate the big desk out of wood accompanied with little stools in front of the huge window. When you turn behind your back you´re able to capture the whole coffeeshop which is nice.

The Roastery

It opened approximately four years ago and from that day on, everyday was a step further of developing and creating delicious and qualitative coffee. You are able to see the whole roastery when you pass the barista desks. It´s not that big, more or less minimalistic designed but it´s cool that you can see all the machines and stuff you need to roast. Also you can buy the unique Barn products directly here. Learn from the best, try and feel proud.


Definitely on my bucket list. If I had to choose a place abroad which builds up my skills as a barista and develops my latte art skills at the same time, I´d choose this place. Hence I have no idea how to create arty looking latte art but I think I can at least create a spiral or something. Currently they offer 5 different workshops – you may find more details here. I like the option of selecting between beginner and advanced courses. Which one would you choose?

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