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Traunzeit – ohh so sparkly

Traunzeit – ohh so sparkly

Sometimes the best things happen when you are not even trying to expect any. Well, that happened to me a couple of days ago while strolling around my hometown (aka village, it is pretty small and country alike where I grew up on that note but super lovely and beautiful at the same time). Strolling around is great for inspiration seeking, thinking, relaxing and just having some time off..usually my strolls include some exploring and when coffee is a thing too, hell yeah they rock.

Speaking of exploring, I am happily introducing you this cute gem called Traunzeit right there. Let me tell you coffee folks, the moment I noticed that an actual local spot which serves food and drinks has made an appearance right next to the river in my hometown, I literally could not believe my eyes. Why? Because since I am living in this area or rather the time I used to live there during my childhood and late teens, there was never ever even a tiny sign of having a meeting place like that right in the middle of the gorgeous bank. Just one bar but I guess that one does not count, especially because it was barely open on a regular basis. – I believe you already can imagine how exciting that news is for me…having a coffeespot almost next door!! I mean, come on…I do feel like over the top. 😀 Spots, in particular coffeespots, in that area are such a rare thing and it goes close to a miracle that there is one now. Just saying…

And ohh this one I am introducing you right away is a gem, trust me. My lovely company and me got to visit it on a Saturday morning and the weather could not have been any better. We got a lovely table literally next to the river which means great view and shadow and sun all at once. In terms of coffee, we went with cappuccino and a black one which both were super delicious. Even the coffee table itself was just a stunning background for both the picture and of course of getting us more and more into the coffee mood. Yes, I do believe and support the idea that a mood like that actually exists. Somewhere but indeed. 😉

Besides the lovely picked location where the café Traunzeit is situated and the menu including a bunch of creative dishes, the staff is absolutely amazing! I got to talk with the owner who is just a charming woman who made her dream real and could not be happier to host and serve guests each day at that cute location. I always enjoy talks with coffeespot (or whatever they like to call their spot) owners. It is just so inspiring to hear them talking about their passion and fulfilled dreams and it gets even more exciting when that sort of attitude reflects in the way they are hosting their customers and running their business. I love to support places like that and hopefully, they stay there and not consider moving in the near future. – Good luck, sparkly charming Traunzeit! 🙂

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