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When in Munich

When in Munich

It´s already been weeks since I spent some days in lovely Munich and those obviously were accompanied by a few cups of coffee. As my schedule was pretty, let´s say packed up, I didn´t do a proper coffeeshop research where to go and where not so, though eventually I found a gorgeous one just out of coincidence really. If there is one thing we can rely on in our everyday life, then it is the fact that our days are filled with loads of coincidences – I guess so!! Anyways, because of one nice coincidence I walked up the stairs to the spot called Stereo Café. In fact they recently did a makeover in terms of furniture, decor and stuff so it might look a little different now than on the following photographs of my visit back in July. Just saying.

You find the Stereo Café in the city centre of Munich basically. It is just a 10 minutes walk away from the gorgeous English Garden which is by the way definitely a must when you have some time in the Bavarian city. Well, in any case you start to wonder while entering the place I am introducing you here, don´t turn around just yet, the ground floor is used as a shopping space for like fashion and decor stuff and upstairs there you will hear them tinkling…the coffee cups! So folks, the café is located on the first floor and it is a quite huge and bright space as there is this big window front next to the barista counter. It just looks amazing as it allows you to spot the kind of old fashioned building on the opposite while you are sitting in a really modern corner architecturally.

The coffee is lovely, especially the cappuccino. They do have cake and cupcakes and some really appealing salads on the menu too. I didn´t have enough time for trying food, except one bar I purchased earlier, anyways the coffee stop was worth it. And not only because of the stunning view! Go and check this place out sometime, it might be one you are going to remember as it could also be in a vibrant city like New York!

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