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England, this is for you!

England, this is for you!

In the light of current stuff, I am starting this post with no other intro than the probably most quoted phrase on many people´s digital news feed:


Me, a dear coffee fan as you know also is a great fan of England. I would not consider myself as a footbal fan (haha) but when it comes to worldcup and stuff, I do like the fact of celebrating together and feeling the v i b e. Live events such as concerts and festivals create a sense of community feeling, provide a fun atmosphere and an opportunity to escape everyday life for a bit. Anyways, definitely keep my fingers crossed for tomorrows´s match! Either way it is going to go, I will be cheering for you, England, dressed accordingly too (read: I´ll be wearing an ENGLAND TSHIRT!!!).

In fact, the FIFA worldcup is not the actual reason this blogpost is titled the way it is … there is a bit more to say. 🙂

Since this year has been a very special and certainly unique one to me, I thought I collect my thoughts in form of a blogpost and write them down. Because that´s what a blog is (also) for, right? I promise I will drop the word coffee as well in between but mainly this post is purely about a stage in my personal life.

Personal experiences are a true gem. I strongly believe that such memories are something no one can ever take from you. They are in your heart forever, as cheesy as it sounds. I am not going to lie, I have captured quite a few of them and thought of adding some pictures to this post too. But then, I could not decide which ones to choose because I guess nobody would be keen on loading this page for ages and getting caught in an almost lil online polaroid gallery there. 😉 So I thought, I will keep them personal and let the words in this post speak for themselves. There is one picture though which shall symbolise my support for England – in that case the semi-finale match tomorrow – and it looks arty too, so why not adding this one to it…

England, I have got a few things to tell you today! First of all, thank you so very much. Honestly, I could not feel more grateful about the time I got to know you better. This year has been a ride regarding all angles. The reason I moved to England in the first place was because of my postgraduate studies. I started a masters in London after having visited the city a few times before – not only as a tourist but also as an intern – as a result my curiosity drove me back to the British Island. I always had a special feeling when I visited this country, it felt – no kidding – like home in some way. I do love travelling so much but it happens very rarely (and I would not want it any other or rather to be a regular sentiment) that you feel like that for a certain place. I felt like London was the right choice for this stage in my twenties. And after a full year of living there – accompanied by all the ups and downs called life 😉 – it proved itself that it was the right choice at the very right time. And let me tell you, this year has flown by in the blink of an eyelid.

I am truly grateful for the great friendships this year has brought. The adventures, the talks, the laughter, the drama, the travels, the beer, the strolls, the art, the culture (although tea will probalby never be my thing though I tried), my PR pals (at work – could write a separat post on my whole experience as being part of their team in such an exciting and creative industry – I did learn soo much, supported them where I could and enjoyed every second of it, honestly), the pub next door, the live music (the thing I am going to miss the second much…there are such good music talents out there, be it on the streets or on the stages), my regular coffee places (baristas, you know who you are), my area I have been living with all its perks and not so perks (I mean it!!) and university (I am grateful for such good uni colleagues and talented people around me on nearly a daily basis), the thoughts and last but not least, the first time I have experienced proper SNOW in London!!!!! As a winter person, that aspect needed to go in of course. Honestly, I could go on and on and on .. that´s why I chose to “just” limit this posts to words rather than a massive picture book. England & you (inter)national people, it has been a blast – i love you!

Here´s to a truly unique year. It has been intense and required a lot but also I have grown so much and can state, that I would do it all over again. Sometimes you need to live somewhere else for a while, in order to get closer to yourself and to know what and where you want to be. England, you will always be my second home.
We see each other soon, as you know, you are the island just around the corner <3.

Coffee Kisses,

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