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I have got Notes for you!

I have got Notes for you!

Life is what can happen between coffee & wine. I personally think, this quote sums it up, at least when we are fully focusing on the sunny and fun side of it. Life is a row of moments we all are creating and sharing. And life is also what happens while we´re busy making other plans. Having a cup or a glass in between might do us good.
That´s what a friend of mine and me did before the lovely summer´s approaching. Honestly, I am so happy summer´s finally here. It just feels like recharging batteries truly.

I am happily introducing you to a coffeeplace in London called Notes Coffee. There are quite a few locations around London. We visited the one in Covent Garden which is a stone´s throw away from Trafalgar Square, so it´s a nice walk in a lively area.

Soooo, the minute you enter Notes Coffee, you may notice how classy it looks. I really appreciate the interior in there, not to mention the lovely flowers they put on each table to make the room glow even more. A further thing you may notice in terms of classiness, are the people. Maybe it was the time slot we picked, but there were mainly really well-dressed people to watch. You know, guys in suits, girls in elegant dresses..almost a little Paris chic! Notes Coffee is super classy and definitely wins all points regarding the atmosphere. I really liked the location in Covent Garden.

A furhter thing that stood out to me, were the huge mirrors covering the very end of the walls. They´re making the coffee house even bigger and brighter and are reflecting the flowers and the coffee enjoying people nicely. My friend and I both had iced coffee there the other day and tried the avocado toast as well.

A really cute thing´s the following: When you´re ordering a coffee or whatever at the barista counter, you´ll get a coffee package featuring a number on it with you. I am not entirely sure but I´d sign the fact that there´re actual coffee beans in it.

In the very first moment, we thought it was gifted to us (you know, some coffee for home! we soo wished it was). Anyways, it equalled the function of a table number or buzzer. So the waiters are finding you to serve you with your coffee sooner than later. Liked that. And also would have liked to keep it. You never know..

Oh yes and before I forget! Notes Coffee is focusing on the concept – according to their quote written on the lovely arty black board – coffee until the afternoon and wine from the early evening on. They´re also regularling hosting events such as lil live music performances or you can book the place for private occassions. I´ve seen a couple of music performances via their kindly provided insights through their Instagram channel on stories. I hope someday, I will make the experience myself in having a cup or a glass while listenting to great music talents within that surrounding!

Enjoy your Sunday coffee lovers! And stay tuned for more music vibes…I have got a new coffeetunes playlist ready for you as well! It will be up on here before you know it.
X Carmen.

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