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I feel like introducing you to a very french alike place located right in the heart of Soho in London today. The coffeeplace belongs to the famous Soho House Group from which you may already heard a glimpse of and is called Cafe Boheme. My friend and I visited this place on a weekday – which turned out to be the best idea ever as we made it right on time for the happy hour slot. That was filled with live jazz and an excellent meal deal for Soho (read: 12 pounds in total for any main course and drink on the menu selection).

If I was to describe Cafe Boheme in just a single word (let´s make them two), I would go for Woody Allen. I literally felt like being in one of his arty movies. I put together some wee frequences up here – theese may give you an idea what I mean by referring to Woody Allen while writing this coffeeplace recommendation for you.

Okay, when you start browsing through the pictures below, you see how classy and chic everything is arranged at Cafe Boheme. The colours remind of the late 90s and same goes for the fashionable waiters and waitresses who are very chicy dressed as if they would be acting in one of the aforementioned movies as well. The thing I probably enjoyed the most – besides my lovely company – was the constant live music in the background. Cafe Boheme has this great atmosphere for ‘people watching’ – the food is typical brasserie fare including esgargots (which I did not eat and surely never going to try :)). All in all, you need to go there for the atmosphere! The coffeeplace offers an appealing Parisian boho vibe and the rosé we both enjoyed around 4pm was nothing short than amazing too.

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