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Marilyn Monroe – Coffee Date in NYC.

Oh wow. It really feels like ages ago I have shared an article with you up here. It´s been a good two months. I took a bit of a break in terms of writing – and then weeks pass by and by, you know – which was a somewhat sense-making and refreshing decision. This little writing pause allowed me not only to come back with a fresh and creative mind including lots of ideas on new content I´d like to share with you in the future, but also did it equally allow me to catch up on so many back office stuff a blog requires, the new EU data protection policy being one of them. All sorted. Clean. And good to tackle off the list really.

With that being said, I am happy to answer any questions you may have about this new regulation as my coffeeblog reader and also would like to mention that you can subscribe or change your subscription preferences at any time. Yep, there is a cammycoffeespots newsletter – reading while having coffee just goes so well together, I´m doubtlessly claiming! 😉 Please do get in touch any time.

Plus one lil exciting announcement: A further reason why it has been kind of quiet up here the last weeks, is that I have been working on an exciting new project I am thrilled to share with you very very soon. Two sassy hints, it is coffee-related and involves personal stories. Definitely stay tuned! You may want to keep an extra eye on that section. I promise I am not stealing a huge amount of your patience, be ready for it later next week. That´s that….okay, shall we raise our cups for the city that never sleeps then?

New York, New York

Or rather Brooklyn, Brooklyn. In the beginning of May I have had the chance to stumble upon a few coffeeshops overseas. It´s not been my very first time in NYC, but it’s been the first time I was actually paying attention to the coffee culture which´s happening in and around this world-city.  You may or may not know, I am currently (and actually almost finished) studying my masters and that overseas trip happened thanks to my university. It was a uni trip basically that involved an intense but interesting industry programme and luckily a little bit of free time. Aka a good few time slots to explore the city including trying many many iced-lattes which seem to be the number one trend in NYC right now. At least that´s how I perceived it while visiting the east coast of the US somewhen in early May this year.

Luckily I had a friend by my side who happens to be a coffee drinker and enjoyer as I am. So, us being a fan of both exploring and coffee resulted in discovering this place called Primrose Café located along the Green Avenue in Brooklyn. Primrose Café is a very laid back and arty place, I think. The staff seems relaxed, the coffee selection is huge and in terms of the interior and furniture it is a nice mix of modern and vintage. Also, the rumours are true, you can get the best bagels in New York!

My friend and I spent our very first morning having breakfast in Brooklyn, the city part we chose to stay during our week here in NYC. With no jet-lag signs at all (a bit of sarcasm), just us being up very early and almost the first customers that morning, we went straight for an iced-latte and some delicious smoked-salmon/cream cheese bagels including scrambled eggs. That was the best way to start not only into the day but also into the whole week of exploring. We have indeed managed to walk a distance of 14km on average a day..that times 7 as it was a whole week, proud, proud.

Besides the nice and quite stoked barista counter, the terrace and of course the framed Marilyn Monroe picture were my favourite part about this coffeeshop. I do appreciate it a lot, especially in busy cities, when you get to enjoy a bit of coffee time in a quiet outdoor space. The terrace was beautifully arranged. There´re fairy lights, old-fashioned chairs and oh my, I think at least five dogs were enjoying the bit of sunshine there as well! It´s nice to reward yourself with a couple of city-break hours in the sun that include  iced coffee. If I had to describe Primrose Café with just three words, I´d go for family-friendly, bagel-heaven and arty. Definitely would come here again. Come here for the atmosphere and reward yourself with a couple of city break hours.

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