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Happy St. Patrick´s Day!

For some delightful reason, I happened to be in a certain area in the western part of London quite a bit. That´s certainly good news. Becaaaause – you know why, but still – exploring new areas usually comes hand in hand with discovering new things, new places..to put it simply, just fresh stuff. And there it is: as a result of decent exploring, I am happily sharing a brand new coffee place with you right here. 🙂

The coffee place is called Wild Bunchand is located in Chiswick. Let me tell you, when you exit the tube or train station there, you would not believe that you are still very close to London. Why? Just because it looks so much more like a little hidden (but well infra structured) village in terms of everything really. The streets, the squares, the shops, the cafés and so on. Fairly nice. I love city life but in my heart I will always be drawn to smaller, greener and just more familiar alike areas which provide a sense of community feeling. Maybe because I grew up in a small town and always appreciate coming back to / living in a place which provides the very best balance between city and countryside ever since. Hence I experienced strolling around Chiswick quite positively. Not to mention that the flat white at Wild Bunch already convinced me enough. 😉

Living in new places, meeting new people, I love it all. I kind of pride myself on having the constant curiosity and somehow confidence to be open to adventures. It makes you learn so much about yourself and I could not be more grateful for the incredible experiences I have had recently and in the past. Never ever make the mistake to hold yourself back because you think things are supposed to be like ‘XY’ right now. Just trust your instincts and be there for your people in the best possible way. Actions have consequences and someday or even sooner, you feel them…but I do mean this in a positive way right now. Just enjoy your path and live in the moment rather than constantly focus on the next move. Wise wise coffee words…or so. 😉 

Anyhow, at the Wild Bunch you can get plenty of good stuff. For instance, such good bagels, soup, fresh juices, breakfast in general, turmeric shots, ginger shots (of which I am suuuuch a big fan atm) and very yummy treats including vegan raw energy balls, chocolate brownies plus much more. The café itself is not one of the biggest but it does offer quite a number of seating options. Even one right in front of the window which offers a great view straight to the town square garden. The staff and the owner of the café are very lovely and helpful. Not to mention attentive and keen on giving you some recommendations when you are indecisive about what to actually order. Besides, the atmosphere is very comfy. You can read, you can work, you can chat or simply listen to the playlist which had me every single time I spent some coffee moments there. 😉 Whenever you are curios about this part of London, make sure to put your foot into this café! I guarantee you´ll like it!

– Have a good weekend coffee mates & also, a great great St. Patrick´s Day!


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