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The Golden 20s

The Golden 20s

As we nearly made it through the week, I thought it would be nice to share a potential weekend coffeespot suggestion with you.
Well, this literally little gem probably has been featured in each and every travel guide regarding Vienna. Believe it or not, it even functioned as a movie location for an American romantic drama back in 1995

movie location for an American romantic drama back in 1995.

The coffeespot I am talking about is called Kleines Café (Little Café). I definitely consider this café as one of the most amazing and ideal stages for a movie. Could be great for..like a mysterious coffee date scene dialogue a la Woody Allen or an arty throwback scene where people are celebrating their golden 20s. So, where do you find this tiny glimpse of golden 20s? In Vienna. In the first district. Just a stone´s throw away from the famous Haus der Musik (House of Music). Fair enough, it is very well hidden though. There is a super cute old fashioned cleaning chores which you spot at one of the pictures below and a vibrant glasses store next door.

It is such lovely enjoying a, let me call it Fairytale Latte, inside (when you are lucky enough to grab a free seat) or on the terrace right in the middle of the quiet Franziskanerplatz of Vienna. I am sure you will have a blast there!! So for now, I have put together a little photo gallery for you below. Enjoy and I wish you a relaxing and well coffee related upcoming weekend! 🙂

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