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The NEW cammycoffeespots

What I am up to as a writer in late 2019 / 2020 and some personal reflections and reveals about this coffeeblog project of mine.

I think I never told you that, but you — my readers — come from places including the UK, Canada, the US, Spain, Morocco, France, Italy, India, New Zealand, Germany, Norway, Ireland, Hongkong, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Finland and my home country Austria. Obviously, I just picked a random order which does not hint to any preferences or so, but one thing I am proud of is, that my readership up here is soo international. That is absolutely amazing and it feels very rewarding to share my thoughts, tips, knowledge and generally words with such an intercultural audience.

Coffee mates, it is unbelievable — this coffeeblog has approached its third birthday late summer. Since back then, I have been taking you along on my coffee journey. You have read about places I found inspirational and fascinating, you have been introduced to people of the ever-growing coffee industry through my interview series and yet you have been served with fresh coffee tunes on a regular basis. I hope you had a good one so far and I would like to use the opportunity today to do both say thank you and welcome. I really appreciate every single fellow coffee soul out there who has been following cammycoffeespots and as well I would like to say hi to those just tuning in — let´s enjoy and celebrate our passion together.

So, what´s coming up?

Actually, maybe first a bit of context…

Cammycoffeespots was launched back in summer 2016. Ever since I have been dedicated to this project — sometimes more, sometimes less — it always accompanied me in one way or another. For those who are new, I am Cammy, the main writer and founder of this platform dedicated to coffee! My passion for writing and intercultural places plus my keen interest in coffee and the lifestyle around it, made me launch this site back a few years ago. I would say, it is one of my dearest personal projects and probably the first “hobby” I am sharing with such an international audience. I feel so grateful for having a writing space I can create the way I want and be able to share my passion with some fellows like you who are into similar things as me. If there is one advice I can give you: do the writing for yourself and it will be the most rewarding way of writing. Just do what feels most like you.

It has become so easy to connect with people from all over the place these days, which is something we better not take for granted, it is such a great gift when you think about it. Let´s make use of it wisely. I find it so fascinating, for instance, to explore the intercultural differences when it comes to coffee places. Are there that many though ? You may be thinking right now.. Wanna find out together?


So, the heading refers to a change clearly. Well, but what kind of change? After a good few years, I wanted to freshen up cammycoffeespots a little. I enjoy dedicating my time to writing as much as being involved in some creative stuff every once in a while. With a bit of help from genius web designers of my trust ;) — I could flow in my philosophy and some personal ideas to relaunch the appearance of my coffeeblog up here.
Changes are a good thing — we all are not trees, let´s face it — and they do you good. Soo, some coffee sparkles are going to be undertaken content wise here as well. After quite some time of writing about places only, I got excited about the idea of shifting the focus more on the people. People like you and me, who are keen on talking about their coffee passion.

My aim is to introduce some interesting personalities of this highly well appreciated industry (no offense for tea and hot chocolate or chai drinkers here) to you on a regular basis. I like the idea of learning more about the beverage we all seem to love so much together. So, in a nutshell: cammycoffeespot goes into more and more storytelling. I hope you like reading about people´s achievements in the coffee industry, how they started, struggled, their opinion on V60, french press, the trends and concerns…. There is a whole lot out there and I would like to keep a platform running that allows people to immerse themselves with those topics.

I had a number of interesting conversations over the last months about my coffeeblog and I am so grateful for the feedback, input, critique, compliments and comments on it too. Apart from the visual changes, as mentioned, I am going to change the approach of this blog slightly too. Also, (in case you are actually reading that far!) I want you to know, you are always welcome to contribute something as well. I am always open for ideas, input, comments of any kind and if you feel like contributing some content, please just get in touch — I am more than happy to provide a mixture of coffee related content and discuss ideas together. That is the best thing about having a community, you can exchange opinions and simply, talk about shared interests and passions. I love this.

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