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Japan <3

So today / tonight I have got something special for you. Let me put it this way, the past couple of weeks have been magical, let me even say the past couple of weeks have been one of a kind and just super exciting. What was one of the longest travel journeys I have ever undertaken, was also one of the most coffee focused ones actually. And guess what, I enjoyed every second of it!

Generally I was just impressed by the coffee culture in this country, the Japanese really seem to know a hell of a lot about coffee. I admire their ability to focus, take a moment and take pride in quality. We have visited quite a number of coffee places within a fairly short period of time and every single cup we have had was pretty and tasty in its own kind. You could taste they really have a passion for preparing a cup of coffee. What I probably loved the most, is the huge selection of filter coffee. You could get anything you could have ever wished for and probably more. Some cafés offered a variety of coffee from different places including Kilimanjaro, Vietnam, Hawaii, Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia and Kenya (to name a bunch).

Now being not even a full few days back in the UK, I can honestly say I am still feeling super zen. That´s what Japan may do to you. Coffee mates, this country is for sure a special place. In all honesty, I had no clue how well advanced the Japanese coffee world was.

Why coffee commences at CAT STREET

Located in the eclectic, hip, young and surely interesting (re any angle) district Cat Street, which is for sure something that needs to go on your bucket list should you be traveling to Japan sometime, there is the lovely place called Coffee Wrights. Oh I wish you could smell the coffee beans just by looking at the pictures right now. The idea of this place is – at least how I perceived and experienced it – to really take your time and have your coffee in peace. It feels like you are entering a little modern cottage – looks almost like a spa place..just that smells more like wood than massage oil or something. The people are super friendly, they really seem to know what they are doing! You can ask them anything related to coffee really. Besides the great selection of filter from various regions, they also offer some guilty plaeasures like donuts. Just in case you are craving something sweet after the amount of ramen you may be having while being in Japan!!

So yeah, should you ever crave some peace and caffeine, do check out Coffee Wrights. You will get both in a cup of coffee. Here´s their seasonal selection – just so you are aware, the website is fully in Japanese, so maybe you need some Google translating here…should you be like me and your Japanes is limited to words like ARIGATO and HAI. The latter means YES, the other one means THANKS.

I am certain I will share at least a couple more posts with you in the next weeks and introduce you to some coffee gems I stumbled upon. I very much would like to. Sooo, stay tuned!

Coffee kisses! And watch out for more travel content soon. x

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