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Happy Valentine’s! A café to fall in love with today and everyday.

February café, you have been probably one of my highlights whilst traveling to Japan last year. Found you completely by coincidence and I am so happy it happened that way. My dear coffee readers, first of all, happy Valentine’s Day! I told you a little bit about my trip to Japan and the coffee scene in my previous post. Today, I would like to dedicate one post specifically to one coffee place there that enchanted me the most. Not to mention where I ended up buying a pack of coffee beans which I am attempting to only use for special occasions. Examples being Xmas and birthdays in February. Would be rude not to enjoy any February blend in February, right? 

Nice coffee blends near Akihabara

Okay, so what makes this café so special? And where exactly is it located actually?

February café is located in Tokyo in the district Taito City. If you are familiar with the area, imagine Akihabara.
Akihabara is by far the craziest, most colourful and cheerful place for gamers and collectors I will probably ever see, the café is basically a good 30 min stroll from there. Maybe visit the café first, go there and enjoy some brunch and nice blend and then join the Arcade fun.

To be honest, maybe I see it differently because I am not a local obviously, but I had the impression that this café or the area where the café is actually located in general is more of a quiet one. Although the street is basically full of small shops and other small food places here and there, it does not seem busy at all. It is a very peaceful street where interestingly enough not a lot of people are passing by in general. Maybe a few cars or people walking their dogs, but that’s it. So, don’t expect a full, buzzy high street where you can smell coffee every five meters, which is a good thing in that case as for sure you won’t miss it.

Let me tell you a little bit more about the scene. I believe, as a traveler, February café is a really nice place to go as you find yourself amongst other travelers and tourists whilst having the cosy and homey feel in an environment loved by locals as well. One random thing I noticed in many cafés in Japan is the good sense for music acually. Pretty much every café we went to had a coffee house playlist on. That is something i appreciate very much. It only makes you enjoy the time being there more.

So much kindness

People are super kind and genuinely respectful. You can feel their kindness everywhere really. I would not say the Japanese are the most talkative people, though doubtlessly nice and kind does not matter where you go. This is only one of many reasons why I definitely see this country differently now after visiting and I am strongly considering to come back one day and explore even more. That’s the beauty about traveling, a place so far away can seem so close after you created memories there and brought it back home.

In terms of the look and feel, I would say European with sprinkles of Japanese. The place had a very cosy atmosphere, very bright and lots of wooden furniture and nice décor elements here and there. Like in many coffeeshops these days, you can buy pretty much all the equipment you could wish for directly there. You would find grinders, books about coffee and traveling, coffee cups and last but not least coffee of course. The café specialized in hand drip coffee, which is quite a common thing in Japan.

The coffee blend we went for was absolutely delicious. It was very smooth and slightly strong. The barista really took his time which was worth it in the end. We had a bite to eat too before exploring a temple. I can only recommend this place, be it for a take away cup or a catch up breakfast with someone you enjoy talking too.

For all those people out there who enjoying there coffee black without any milk, sugar and anything of that kind, the Japanese coffee scene will appear like heaven to you. Filter coffee is a key “flavour” on the coffee menu. I don’t know how it is for you, but I find watching someone preparing a nice filter coffee somewhat relaxing. The way how the water is being poured over the freshly grinded coffee beans in slight circulated movements is just something else. Purely calm and nice. The people both the baristas and the customers seemed all to have a really nice time. Definitely a hundred points for excellent coffee moments at February café. 

Valentine’s note: Going to admit that until date, the February coffee pack is empty. To my defence, kept it entirely for special occasions. ♥︎

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