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Ambiente plays such an essential role in coffee houses. The cosier and prettier the place, the more time people most likely will spend. I know this too well. There is nothing more chilled than when having your regular cosy corner in a café of your choice. One of those places where you can spend hours there easily. You know, accompanied by nice cushions, good music in the background, a lively but peaceful atmosphere, gorgeous coffee smells and lovely light.

Now today, I would like to turn this post into a little inspirational one and maybe a slightly funny one, if I may. I do not know if it is just me, but I find chandeliers in particular so stunning and somewhat magnificent. It is probably because they instantly make a room more special and cute, almost majestatic. I quite like the vintage style when it comes to houses and decoration elements with a glimpse of a modern touch maybe. So, a chandelier is something rare but fascinating and would fit into almost every coffee house if you ask me. Funny enough, I realized I have quite a few pictures of chandeliers in my digital photo album. I thought, I share those with you today as I always appreciate a decoration element like this.

Do you know any coffee houses that have those too? Be sure to let me know. <3

Please see below some impressions. The featured chandeliers can be found not only in coffee houses. I think some I took in a threatre, others in a museum or in an entrance hall somewhere. Mostly in Vienna. Lights on and enjoy!

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