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Salty Salzburg – A visit at Café Bazar

Salty Salzburg – A visit at Café Bazar

Hey coffee mates, I thought I would check in with you today since I feel like you could use another café suggestion now that we are basically heading towards summer. I am actually pretty excited as I am writing this post this evening. Tomorrow, after about half a year, I can finally head back home to Austria to see my family and friends!!! We all know, this year has been an unusual one. So, the lockdown restrictions being handled differently country per country made it bascially not really possible anymore to quickly jump on a train or a plane and go back home or vice versa. Anyhow, you all know what’s been going on in the world this year. Therefore, I will send out some positive vibes to all of you instead rather than giving the pandemic topic any more attention. As a result, more coffee news on that front.

Café Bazar

I would like to share some impressions with you today of a very traditional, perhaps the most traditional café in Salzburg. The lovely Café Bazar is a place where artists, poets, thinkers, families and essentially coffee and cake lovers meet. It is a very historic place right next to the river Salzach and the traditional Sacher Hotel & Café.

To my friend and me – both Austrians – it almost felt like being in the past, like in the 60s maybe. If you are looking for this traditional Austrian coffee house experience, you should give this one a try. Trust me, it is the one vintagy caffeine experience you were longing for. A nice spot to stop, to read the paper, to enjoy the river side, to observe the people wihtin this traditional coffee house context and perhaps even to write a postcard. (:

Please enjoy the impressions & have a lovely weekend!

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