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Vienna – Café Hildebrandt

Vienna – Café Hildebrandt

Happy summer, my dear coffee mates! While browsing through some pictures on my laptop the other day, I realized that I still owe you this post. Meet, the gorgeous and hip Viennese spot, Café Hildebrandt located in the 8th district of Vienna! A little disclaimer prior, these pictures were taken about one year ago, so a lot has definitely changed! Regardless, I think the pictures still give you a great impression of the look and feel of the coffee house and let’s face it, they’re too beautiful not to share!! Trying to be modest here haha.

If you get to visit lovely Vienna, I strongly recommend you secure some time to spend in this coffee spot in the district Josefstadt. Maybe even have a meal there, both the cake and breakfast selection is just so delicious! They serve a great lunch menu as well. Now in 2020, the café also offers a nice seating area outside – terrace feeling purely. Also, little comment on the side: the café is actually located in a museum. If you want, you can make it a little cultural and culinary afternoon. Visit the museum first, then maybe the little park that is part of the building and eventually chill out with a cup of coffee on the café’s terrace.

Museum in a Café and Café in a Museum

What I probably like the most about this café – besides the chandeliers in the hallway on which I dedicated a whole blogpost too to some extent – is the interior. Wooden tables, vintage decor, lots of golden elements, fresh flowers and the magazines, books and pillows contribute to an even more cosy atmosphere. Let’s not forget appreciating the green wall you may face when you end up starring at the coffee machine!!

What are your coffee houses to go to at the moment? Are you spending your coffee moments much more at home than in a park or strolling around the city with a takeaway cup? In my case, that’s a definite yes. A fair amount of my coffee moments is being spent at home. I do not mind at all. As a matter of fact, the filter coffee I make at home is great. Another modest comment here…


I got to go to a few coffee houses recently during my vacation week, which was great but a bit odd at the same time because everything just seems so different. A lot has changed when it comes to having culinary experiences too. That is partially a good thing. I just hope the number of coffee houses that stay and were able to survive this pandemic financially keeps increasing and people like baristas are easily finding ground again in their jobs or new jobs. Let’s support the coffee scene where we can. Be it via word of mouth, sharing a post of them online that encourages people to engage with them in one way or another, ordering coffee beans to your house door or actually visiting them, giving them a big thank you smile and appreciate their coffee.

I let the pictures speak for themeselves now. Hope you are all having a great summer time despite the obvious challenging times we are all going through and get to spend some nice moments in places you feel yourself and comfortable at!

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