Welcome to your virtual coffee table xx

It’s FIKA time!

It’s FIKA time!

Wherever you are enjoying your cup of coffee right now, I wish you a lovely one! Welcome back here at cammycoffeespots and welcome coffee mates in the new year! If there is one thing we want to agree on collectively, then it is the following: it has never felt more like a fresh page of a book – 2021, this is for you!

Aww, writing feels so good again actually. It feels nice to say hi to my virtual coffee community and I hope my coffeeblog provides you with some positive vibes to feel a nice escapism during your days.

By the way, I have decided to write a bit more again. I want to. I missed it. One thing upfront though, this is not meant to sound like a new year’s resolution, I just hope I can stick to it! I will write whenever I feel like it and today is a day on which I definitely do. Hope you guys are all staying healthy, safe and most of all, are happy!

Any Nordic Café recommendations are welcome.

Also, by the way, my partner and me moved to a new city. New year, new thing, you know! 😉 So, with a surrounding fresher than ever and a whole lot of curiosity and excitement for a lot of things including coffee, I will take you guys along. Expect some FIKA time inspired content. A Swedish thing, true. We moved to Stockholm!

So far, we are loving it!! It has not stopped snowing since we arrived and as a winter kid – my birthday is in February – being in a winter wonderland literally all day long is the best gift ever. Cheers and snowy coffee greetings my dear readers! Stay tuned for some Swedish coffee houses .. let us explore the Swedish coffee scene together. <3

Enjoy your weekend!!! xx

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