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Longer days, lighter jackets

Longer days, lighter jackets

As we are blessed with more daylight and mostly, lighter temperatures, I guess it is safe to say, we are heading towards summer! When I stroll around now, there is one unique element that certainly catches my attention: terraces!

I cannot wait to just hang out with friends outdoors and enjoy a cup of coffee, or two or three at the terrace of a café. No matter where you are, I am sure this will be a truly fun and enjoyable experience. Yay!

So, what has happened lately?

It is April 2021. We had the warmest days of all during this spring season and we had a snow storm here and there in the very same week as we were blessed with the nicest and warmest moments outside. I ordered a bunch of coffee beans – was keen to support some local roasteries and discovered a new roast I like a lot. Here, this is the one I am talking about.

Loved tuning into this year’s edition of the London Coffee Festival. I enjoyed watching the various panels in particular. They touched on important topics, such as diversity & inclusion and also sustainability, and the value of crowdfunding. I certainly learned a lot and it made me do a bit more research on the aforementioned areas. I think overall, I ended up watching the coffee festival stream for a good 10 hours on that day. How could I not!

I am curious to hear, has anyone of you had a chance to watch this year’s festival too? I would love to hear your thoughts. <3

Inspiration (and plants)

Since moving into a new flat comes with the joy (and expense….) of design and interior, my boyfriend and me found ourselves discovering and checking out a lot of home design, furniture, and interior stores, and boutiques.

The Scandinavian style and sense for the interior have always enchanted me and I am excited about not only all the home & interior trends I am seeing and partially integrating into our new home but also experimenting a little and create a truly personal and cozy place to come home to each day. A part of this journey are plants – coffee mates, the latest edition in our living room is a COFFEE PLANT.

Needless to say, if you have any tips on how to maintain a plant like that, please do check in. Your input is always very much appreciated.

Last but not least, I saw a really – like really, really – admirable chandelier. One day, I wanna own a thing like this. In case you are wondering why, please read here my why.

Alrighty! I hope you are all doing great coffee mates, I wish you a very lovely and hopefully sunny weekend. Stay caffeinated. xx

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