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Top 3 lately – Stockholm Edition

Top 3 lately – Stockholm Edition

Coffee mates, it is about time that I share a few spots with you in the form of a proper countdown list! I would like to say, there is no particular ranking per se, but I will say to some spots I made it more often than to others. Maybe I can call myself a regular after almost half a year living in Sweden? Up to you to decide. 😉

Okay so here we go: I have got one spot for you when you are into breakfast/brunches – one spot that is ideal for getting some work/writing done whilst enjoying snacks and coffee – and one which is really about the coffee through and through.

!! ALSO – everything you see below were captions of recent visits, all done safely and respectfully in regards to the safety measurements of the still ongoing pandemic. Obviously, only do what you feel comfortable with, but if you want a break and feel a bit of “lively life”, it is possible to do so safely in the places mentioned below. You do you. Stay safe out there.

1. The one for brunches


Pancakes, waffles, eggs benedict, avocado toast – honestly, what else shall I say to convince a breakfast person to pay a visit to Greasy Spoon in Södermalm? No more, I guess. The thing is, you cannot make a booking, so especially during busy and popular times, you might find yourself queuing for a table at the café, but I am going to ensure you that is surely worth it! The café has indoor and outdoor seating, there are several locations around Stockholm, and the one I have always been to so far is the one in Södermalm. A very hip, colourful, and fun place to enjoy a good brunch with friends. They serve real nice beverages as well including endless drip filter coffee, hot chocolate, and matcha.

I quite like the decor features: fairy lights, wooden tables, the tiny vases on the tables, and the art on the walls including the Britain-inspired wallpaper even. Of course, I am a fan of the golden cutlery too, just saying. Besides, I appreciate the location of the café. It is very inviting to stroll around Södermalm after a good, filling breakfast! There are nice interior stores

2. The one for getting work & writing done


You probably noticed me teasing this one a little bit over the past weeks. It is the spot I cannot recommend enough that is ideal to do some work or some writing. Even if you have to deal with some admin bits or other stuff where WIFI is required, it is sometimes nice to find yourself in a more interesting, lovely, and warm environment while doing so.

The coffee is really good, they do nice FIKA bits, such as banana bread and obviously the famous kanelbullar aka cinnamon rolls. Certainly, you can choose quite healthy meals too, their menu is quite wholesome and I highly recommend checking it out if you fancy. Zoom in on the final picture below this section about Gast Cafe and you may already spot something you like!

Generally, I really enjoy the atmosphere at the café. It gives you room to think and it has something inspiring. I am obsessed with the lamps and just find the brand icon – the ghost – unique and fun.

3. The one for COFFEE through and through


While I have not had any food at Café Pascal, I always see people eating something and it always looks nothing short of amazing. 😉 They have a range of pastries, snacks and serve lunch dishes. The café is a very family friendly place, ideal to grab a take-away coffee or meet for a coffee date, 121s, best friend catch ups or pick up nice bread or even a culinary “present” for someone if you like.

Again, another coffee place that has more than one location in Stockholm. Café Pascal sells a great range of coffee and what I love is, that they always mix it up. My recent purchases include April Coffee and the pink packaging one Gardelli Coffee. Both work super well for filter V60 brews.

One thing worth noting, this is not the spot where you spend hours with your laptop buddy, the tables are free for people who want to interact with each other and enjoy the lively atmosphere. Fair enough and I quite like that about this place! It would be nice to write at Café Pascal sometime, not gonna lie, but I completely get they want to ensure an active, fruitful, and happy atmoshpere – it is a café for the people. You probably notice I hardly had my phone out when I was there given the small number of pictures! Very lovely place.


Älskade Traditioner

Believe it or not, it is quite tricky to narrow it down to only three top spots in Stockholm, so I took the freedom and share a small bonus place with you. This is a very 50s inspired diner kinda place that serves all the waffles you can possibly think of. Sweet, savoury and probably everything in between!

This goes without saying, I quite liked it when it came to the coffee side of things. When you order a regular filter, you can refill it as many times as you want and the best part is, you can select your own cup!!! There is this cute selection in front of vinyl’s (picture two) and you can pick away. Real fun!

Sooo, tell me! Which of the above will be the first you want to go to? Any plans yet for Saturday? <3

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