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A trip to Gothenburg =)

A trip to Gothenburg =)

Today as I am typing this, it has about a good dose of 27 degrees. Welcome to SUMMER coffee mates! It’s June, the 21st. We have officially entered a new season and I celebrated this treat today with some slices of refreshing watermelon and a good filter coffee. Fun fact, I put a white summery loose dress on and managed not to spill anything, YES!

So, coffee mates, I would like to introduce you to a couple of new coffee places my friends and me visited the past week. We packed our seven things, drove a few hundred kilometers to the west coast of Sweden, and spent some nice summery days there! It’s been really lovely. Some nice time to grill, chill, swim, and relax – it was a lot of fun and surely coffee was a part of that too. It’s been a long while since we all had a little vacay.

It’s 2021, the world is turning towards more uplifting times as more and more people are getting vaccinated and are well recovering. Enough pandemic talk though. I hope you guys are all staying safe, doing well, and slowly have a chance to purely soak in some sun and enjoy the new season. Sending you a virtual hug and cheering with my coffee mug. Now, safe and sound, off we go!


Alrighty, the first stop coffee shop wise was this beautiful little place called VIKTORS KAFFE in Gothenburg. They currently sell really tempting cold brew and since the place is quite spacious and has high ceilings, even on a hot summer day, you can surely get a nice breeze in there. We stopped by just before we went to Liseberg aka the amusement park in Gotheburg. They were already out of cold brew, though the freshly prepared filter coffee surely made up for it! Add some ice cubes to that drink and you got your iced caffeine dose covered.

Viktors Kaffe seemed like a super cute and fashionable place to work from. It is a nice environment to held meetings, do some zoom calls, enjoy a small FIKA break, and generally is a very peaceful and relaxing place to spend some time at. A chilled playlist contributes to these vibes too. Sadly, I hardly have any pictures to share with you, but you can check their stuff out here and here for more impressions. ENJOY!


Do you appreciate art? Do you like playing around with quirky decoration and interior a little bit? Are you clapping and cheering and jumping once you see a set of Chemex, V60, and an Espresso machine? If you nod to any of these questions, then DA MATTEO will be the place for you. Maybe jumping, cheering, and clapping is not quite required to do at the same time, but if you feel like it, why not go ahead and do so? 😉

The café is quite the center of Gothenburg a real nice place to hang out for a bit or get a takeaway. A little patio next to a few other local shops, galleries, and restaurants marks the location of the café. This is the ideal spot to stop by when you are grabbing lunch somewhere, wanna do some (window) shopping, and then go for coffee. That is certainly what we did last weekend! Hope you get a chance to stop by sometime. Let me know how you like it!!

And now, have a great start into the summer season and enjoy your upcoming iced coffees!! <3

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