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Let’s add some coffee flair

Let’s add some coffee flair

We hit a new season officially – bring on July, bring on summer! Loads of things to look forward to: nice times being spent outdoors, having friends and family coming over which means exploring, and spending quality time together. I cannot wait to hug them too. Then, hopefully getting the vaccine very soon. Besides, there are a few more personal goals of mine I would love to achieve throughout the summer, part of those being things on a professional development level. Also, fingers crossed, a trip to my beautiful home country Austria will be part of the summer/fall too!

And yeah, some nice relaxation and being kind to ourselves is probably what we all should get a dose of during the summer. Interestingly enough, I sort of kicked off the summer with a cold. A bit of a strange feeling drinking loads of hot lemon/honey water, tea, nap, and use a ton of tissues. Lots of sofa time and resting, you name it. But hey ho, I am lucky I have not had to go through such a thing in a long time, was it 18 months maybe? So yeah, as my favorite online yoga instructor mentioned in the video this morning – my immune system works perfectly and I am grateful for that.

As the Swedes would say, have all a great summer and lagom! I will be taking some time off here and will check back in with you with some nice coffee flair sooner than later, I am sure.

Have an amazing time coffee mates & be sure to enjoy your daily coffees. xx

Slightly older picks which were taken in Vienna last year, but too gorgeous not to share. If you wonder what café that is, it is actually one I have written about on the blog already – the very iconic French café in the heart of Vienna called La Mercerie. Check out the blogpost here if you fancy. Here’s to my forever favorite coffee city! x

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