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Crispy air, time for hats and snuggle up on the sofa with a good show or an intriguing book. My most favorite part about this season of the year is most definitely the crunchy, colorful leaves everywhere. Who does not love running or perhaps even jumping into a good chunk of fall leaves! 😀

While it has got pretty cold, especially in the mornings, by now, I still love it so much to just get out there and go for a run. It always gives me energy and I hope there will be many more opportunities to run outside before it is getting too icy.


I thought I would share some recent snippets of how I am spending my days in the fall whilst living in Stockholm. In terms of coffee, I am currently quite a fan of Carmelita coffee in the Bolivian region. It has a soft buttery taste with a hint of lime. It is just so smooth which I find to be very comforting these days. What is your favorite one currently? I would love to hear!

Below I am filling you in on what kind of strolls I have been up to recently- both in the city and well in nature. Also, because I love going to the theatre quite a bit, there is a small snippet of my recent visit there too. Enjoy. <3

What is your favorite place to be at in autumn?

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